Grunge Music Video With Weird Grins: What Does It Mean?

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A dissection of the meaning of the popular grunge music video, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana.


Welcome to the world of grunge music videos with weird grins. This type of music video is characterized by its dark and often humorous take on the world around us. The artists in these videos often have a deadpan delivery, which can make their lyrics seem even more powerful.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular grunge music videos with weird grins. We’ll also discuss what these videos might be trying to say about society and the world we live in.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

The music video

The music video for “Grunge” by the band Nirvana is full of images that are at first confusing, and then become disturbing. The video features close-ups of the band members making strange faces and grimacing, interspersed with shots of them playing their instruments. There are also shots of a young girl with a blank expression on her face. All of these images are menace with an undercurrent of something darker.

The band

The band is Jane’s Addiction, and the song is “Been Caught Stealing.” The video was directed by Perry Farrell, the lead singer of Jane’s Addiction. It was released in 1990 and became a hit.

The video features the band members walking around Los Angeles with grins on their faces. They go into a store and steal some food, and then they walk around outside. At one point, they sit on a bench and Farrell gives a speech about how people should steal things.

The video was inspired by a dream that Farrell had. He said that the dream was about “Los Angeles as this giant department store.”

The setting

The video is set in a dark room with a concrete floor. The only light comes from a single spotlight shining on the band. The band is dressed in grunge clothes and they all have weird grins on their faces. The video is shot in a single take, with the camera moving around the room as the band plays.

The grins

The grins in the video are strange and off-putting, which may be the point. The music is dark and the singer’s face is twisted in a way that suggests he’s in pain. The grins could be interpreted as a sign that the character is hiding something, or that he’s trying to cover up his true feelings.

Theories about the grins

Ever since the release of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video, people have been trying to decode the meaning behind the band’s grins. Some say that the grins are a sign of the band’s apathy towards the music industry, while others believe that the grins are a sign of the band’s happiness.

Theories about the band

The major theories about the band are that they are a Satanic group, that they are part of the Illuminati, and that they are actually a group of lizards.

The first theory, that the band is Satanic, is based on the fact that many of their songs seem to be about Satanism and the dark occult. This theory was first proposed by Jordan Peterson in his book Maps of Meaning. He argued that the band was trying to subvert Christian values and promote Satanism.

The second theory, that the band is part of the Illuminati, is based on the fact that their music videos often contain symbolism associated with the Illuminati. This theory was first proposed by Dave McGowan in his book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon. He argued that the band was trying to promote the Illuminati agenda.

The third theory, that the band is actually a group of lizards, is based on the fact that their music videos often contain lizard-like creatures. This theory was first proposed by David Icke in his book The Biggest Secret. He argued that the band was actually a group of aliens who were masquerading as humans.

Theories about the setting

The setting of the video may be a key to understanding the video. The band is performing in an old warehouse that is in a state of disrepair. There are broken windows, peeling paint, and debris everywhere. This could be symbolic of the state of the music industry at the time. The industry was in decline and many people saw grunge as a way to save it. However, the setting could also be symbolic of the state of the world at the time. The Cold War was coming to an end and there was a lot of uncertainty about the future.


In conclusion, the grunge music video with weird grins could mean a number of things. It could be a statement on the state of the music industry, a criticism of mainstream culture, or simply an attempt to weird out the viewer. Whatever the case may be, it’s an interesting and thought-provoking video that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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