Happy Birthday Jesus: High Energy Electronic Dance Music Video

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Join us in celebrating the birth of Christ with this high energy electronic dance music video.


Happy Birthday Jesus is a fun and high energy electronic dance music video that is perfect for celebrating the birth of Christ. The video features a re-mixed version of the popular song “Happy Birthday to You” with a heavy dubstep beat. The video also includes footage of Jesus Christ being born, as well as scenes from the Bible.

The making of the video

The making of the video for “Happy Birthday Jesus” was a labor of love for all involved. The original song was written and produced by DJ Paul Oakenfold and features the vocal talents of Beverly Knight. The track was then turned into a high energy electronic dance music video by director Richard Curtis.

The video features footage of children celebrating Christmas around the world, as well as footage of Oakenfold and Knight performing the song in a studio. The video was shot in a number of different locations, including London, New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.

The “Happy Birthday Jesus” video was released on Christmas Day 2009 and quickly became a viral hit, garnering millions of views on YouTube. It has since been hailed as one of the best Christmas music videos ever made.

The video itself

The video opens with a clip of President Ronald Reagan speaking about the birth of Jesus Christ, and then cuts to a scene of people partying in a club. The dancers are all wearing Santa hats and Christmas-themed clothing, and the club is decorated with Christmas lights and other holiday decorations. The music is a remix of the traditional “Happy Birthday” song, with electronic dance music elements added.


We hope you have enjoyed watching this high energy electronic dance music video celebrating Jesus’s birthday! We had a blast making it and we hope it gets you into the holiday spirit! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

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