Here are 5 reasons to have a lightstick if you’re a K-Pop fan

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Each KPOP fandom has their own lightstick that identifies its members. Fans of each KPOP group have a different style of lightstick, and everyone wants one, from the brand new to highly interactive. Are you here because you want one too? Concert-goers who grew up watching their favorite bands rock out in concert halls or on outdoor lawns may find that a lightstick seems unfamiliar… or it may take them back to when they used to hold a lighter.

A lightstick is a portable device that glows and lights up. Many KPOP groups in the time of Covid were using the lightsticks as a way of bringing their fans together through online concerts with their 15cm-20cm long lightsticks. Most lightsticks come with the group’s logo and some special features or designs that make them stand out. At concerts, modern Kpop lightsticks can even be synced with a central control point so that they are all synchronized. Quite impressive. Quite cool. Synced too!

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In this post, we are going to dig deeper into the reasons for owning a lightstick of your favorite K-Pop band. Even though not everyone has the means to purchase a lightstick, it is always intriguing to learn more about what all the hype is all about.


Take part in the concert and enjoy it


When attending a concert, you may feel compelled to raise your hand and follow the beat of the music. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lightstick?

Apart from that, you will have a magical experience when you see the ocean of lightsticks and connect with everyone around you. Being surrounded by people who hold the same lightstick as you, who support the same idols, is a feeling that cannot be explained in words.

In addition, the lightstick can be customized for its emitting color as well!


Attend fan meetings with them

Fans commonly bring their lightsticks to local or fan-organized events as well as to K-Pop concerts. Fans may feel a sense of belonging if they find other people in the same fandom as they are. As we see that there are so many K-Pop fans out there, this shows how K-Pop brings people together!



There are a lot of K-Pop light sticks out there that are quite bright when turned on, which might seem ridiculous to some.

Whether you are short of a flashlight at home or you need to find something quickly, your light stick can still be used as a flashlight.


Home decor

As it is made after much consideration for the K-Pop fans and the idol group, it is hard to argue that the K-Pop light stick is a piece of art. Several lightsticks have certain features, and some have intricate details and icons that are admired among fans.


Customize them to express your creativity

It has become more common to see K-Pop lightsticks with the option of customizing them. Taking them apart, removing the battery, and putting your own filling in is all that needs to be done.

The K-Pop fans are more than happy to decorate them, and if you’re interested, you can read some of the articles that Kpopmap posted before about it here.


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