The Top Hip Hop Music Promotion Sites

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Wondering how to get your music heard by more people? Check out our list of the top hip hop music promotion sites to help get your music career off the ground.

Music Xray

Music Xray is a site that allows you to submit your music to be heard by industry professionals. They have a panel of experts that listen to each song and give feedback. This is a great site for getting your music out there and getting some constructive feedback.

What is Music Xray?

Music Xray is a site that helps unsigned artists to get their music heard by industry professionals. It is a platform that allows artists to submit their songs to be reviewed by music professionals, and also provides feedback on how to improve their songs. Music Xray is also a great way for fans of new music to discover new artists and tracks.

How Music Xray Works

Music Xray helps you get your music placed in TV, Film, and Video Games. We listen to all submissions and forward the ones that fit our current needs to over 1,200 music supervisors, ad agencies, brands, and video game companies who are actively looking for new music.

If one of these companies likes your song, they will contact you directly to discuss next steps which may include licensing your song for use in their project. You will keep 100% of the royalties you earn from any placements you receive through Music Xray.


ReverbNation is a website that helps you promote your music and get discovered by new fans. They offer a variety of tools to help you grow your fan base and get your music out there. You can create a profile, upload your music, and connect with other artists and fans. ReverbNation also has a blog where you can read articles about music promotion and the music industry.

What is ReverbNation?

ReverbNation is a platform that allows artists to promote their music and connect with fans. The site offers a variety of tools for artists to use, including a music player, artist pages, mailing list management, and gig booking. ReverbNation also has a section of the site dedicated to promoting new and unsigned artists, which features articles and interviews with up-and-coming musicians.

How ReverbNation Works

ReverbNation is one of the top hip hop music promotion sites. It allows artists to upload their music, set up a profile, and promote their songs to fans. ReverbNation also has a blog where they post articles about hip hop music, culture, and news.


Sonicbids is a website that allows you to find and apply to music gigs. You can search for gigs by genre, location, or date. You can also create a profile and submit proposals to venues. Sonicbids makes it easy to find and apply to music gigs, and it’s a great resource for musicians of all genres.

What is Sonicbids?

Sonicbids is an online platform that allows musicians to connect with music promoters, bookers, and venues. Artists create a profile on the site, which they can use to showcase their work and submit proposals for gigs. Sonicbids also offers a number of tools to help artists manage their careers, including a gig finder, gig booking software, and a mobile app.

How Sonicbids Works

Sonicbids is a music promotion site that allows bands and artists to connect with booking agents and promoters. By creating a profile and submitting your music to the site, you can get instant access to thousands of opportunities.

To get started, all you need to do is create a profile and upload your music. Once your profile is live, Sonicbids will send you a list of opportunities that match your search criteria. You can then choose to submit your music for consideration.

If a promoter is interested in your music, they will contact you directly to discuss further details. If everything goes well, you could be booked for a gig!

Jango Airplay

Jango Airplay is one of the top hip hop music promotion sites. It is a platform where artists can submit their music to be played by radio stations all over the world. Jango Airplay also allows users to create their own custom radio stations. The site has a very user-friendly interface and is very easy to use.

What is Jango Airplay?

Jango Airplay is a site that lets you listen to music for free. It also has a feature that lets you create a custom radio station based on your favorite artist or song. You can also buy songs and albums from the site.

How Jango Airplay Works

Jango Airplay is a music promotion site that allows artists to submit their music for consideration by Jango’s team of music industry professionals. If your music is selected, it will be added to Jango’s database and made available to Jango’s network of radio stations and websites. Your music will also be promoted through Jango’s social media channels.


There are many ways to promote your hip hop music online. You can use social media, pay-per-click advertising, and other methods. But one of the most effective ways to reach new fans is by using music promotion sites. OurStage is a great site for promoting your music. Here’s what you need to know about it.

What is OurStage?

OurStage is a site that allows unsigned and independent artists to upload their music and videos for exposure to a wider audience. OurStage also offers artist development opportunities, such as the chance to open for major touring acts.

How OurStage Works

At OurStage, musicians submit their music to be reviewed by our panel of qualified industry professionals. We call these experts taste-makers.

Taste-makers come from all sectors of the music industry including club DJs, booking agents, bloggers, radio programmers, labels and more. They’re all experts in their field with a proven track record of success in discovering and breaking new artists.

After you submit your music, taste-makers will listen and rate it on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. The rating is based on three factors: songwriting, performance and marketability.

The higher your rating, the better your chances of being featured on and in our promotional emails, which go out to over 500,000 music fans every week.

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