The Best House Music Songs of All Time

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A definitive list of the best house music songs of all time, including tracks from Benny Benassi, Daft Punk, and more.


House music is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in Chicago in the early 1980s. It was initially popularized by disco DJs from Chicago’s underground club scene, who experimented with newly available electronic music equipment that had been pioneered by European producers like Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder.

The style was developed by these DJs and producers, and the sound they created quickly spread to other dance clubs in Chicago and then to other major cities in the United States and Europe. By the early 1990s, house music had become a global phenomenon, with tracks frequently topping the charts in many countries.

In this article, we will count down our picks for the best house music songs of all time.

The ’90s

House music has its origins in the ’80s, but it really exploded in the ’90s. This was the decade that saw the birth of some of the best house music songs of all time. From classics like Robert Miles’ “Children” to more recent hits like Avicii’s ” Levels,” the ’90s was a golden age for house music.

Daft Punk – “Around the World”

Daft Punk’s “Around the World” was released in 1997 as part of the duo’s debut album, Homework. The song was a commercial success, peaking at number one in several countries, and remains one of Daft Punk’s most well-known Songs.

The song is built around a looped sample of the phrase “around the world” from the 1982 track “Throw” by African American funk musician Curtis Mayfield. The sample is looped throughout the entirety of the song, with various elements being added on top, including Daft Punk’s own vocals, synthesizers, and drum machines.

“Around the World” was praised upon its release for its catchy melody and effective use of the sampled loop. The song has since been widely considered to be one of the best house music songs of all time, and has been included on several lists of the greatest dance songs ever made.

The Chemical Brothers – “Block Rockin’ Beats”

The Chemical Brothers are an English electronic music duo composed of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, originating in Manchester in 1989. Along with The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, and other acts, they are credited with helping to bring the big beat genre to the forefront of mainstream dance music. In the UK, they have had six number one singles on the UK Singles Chart and six number one albums on the UK Albums Chart. “Block Rockin’ Beats” is a song by British electronic duo The Chemical Brothers, released as a single on 20 October 1997. It peaked at number 11 on the UK Singles Chart and was voted NME’s single of the year for 1997. The song features samples from “Flash Light” by Parliament-Funkadelic.

The Prodigy – “Smack My Bitch Up”

This is one of those songs that’s just as good today as it was when it first came out in the ’90s. “Smack My Bitch Up” is The Prodigy’s sixth single, and was released on November 10, 1997. The song caused controversy due to its aggressive lyrics and music video, which features graphic footage of drug use and violence. Despite this, the song was a huge commercial success, reaching number one in the UK and number two in Ireland.

The ’00s

The decade of the 2000s was a great one for house music. Some of the best house music songs of all time were released during this decade. From the classic house sound of Chicago to the more techno-influenced sound of Detroit, the ’00s had it all.

Swedish House Mafia – “Don’t You Worry Child”

In the early 2000s, house music was on the decline in America. But in Europe, the genre was as strong as ever. In 2012, three of the biggest names in European house music—Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello—joined forces to create Swedish House Mafia. Their first collaboration, “Don’t You Worry Child,” was an instant hit. The song reached #1 in several countries and remains one of the most iconic house tracks of all time.

Calvin Harris – “I’m Not Alone”

Calvin Harris’ “I’m Not Alone” was released in 2009, but it still holds up as one of the best house music songs of all time. The Scottish DJ/producer samples a line from The Doors’ “Break On Through (To the Other Side)” throughout the track, and the result is an infectiously catchy dancefloor anthem.

Avicii – “Levels”

This song was released in 2011, but it became an instant classic in the house music world. It’s catchy, it’s fun, and it always gets the party started.

The ’10s

The 2010s were a decade of change – both in the music industry and the world at large. This decade saw the rise of streaming services, the fall of the CD, and the death of the music video. Despite all of this, the 2010s also saw some of the best house music songs of all time. From Avicii to Calvin Harris, from Disclosure to Duke Dumont, this decade was packed with hits.

Disclosure – “Latch”

In 2013, Disclosure’s Settle put the British duo on the map as international house music stars. The following year, they followed it up with “Latch,” a collaboration with then-unknown singer Sam Smith. The song was an immediate hit, reaching #1 in the UK and #11 in the US. It remains one of Disclosure’s most popular tracks, and its success helped propel Smith to superstardom.

Duke Dumont – “Need U (100%)”

Duke Dumont’s “Need U (100%)” was one of the most inescapable songs of 2013, and with good reason: It’s a stone-cold club banger, propelled by a catchy vocal loop and a throbbing four-on-the-floor beat. The track went to #1 in the U.K., making Dumont the first British artist to topping the U.K. singles chart in 16 years with a debut single.

Jamie xx – “All Under One Roof Raving”

“All Under One Roof Raving” is a song by English record producer and DJ Jamie xx. It was released on 29 September 2014 as the second single from his debut studio album, In Colour (2015). The song became a commercial success, reaching number two on the UK Dance Chart and number 12 on the UK Singles Chart.


In conclusion, the best house music songs of all time are a matter of personal opinion. However, there are definitely some classics that stand out above the rest. If you’re looking for a good place to start, check out some of the songs on this list. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

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