How to Find Opera Music in Arkham Knight

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A guide on where to find all nine pieces of opera music in Batman: Arkham Knight. This guide will help you 100% the Riddler’s Revenge side quest.


One of the many joys of Rocksteady’s “Arkham” games is their superb use of music. The “Batman: Arkham” series is known for its licensed tracks, particularly in the third installment, “Arkham Origins.” However, one particular track from the game’s soundtrack has become an fan-favorite: “I Must Break You,” an aria from Giuseppe Verdi’s “Opera Macbeth.”

Despite its name, “Arkham Knight” does not feature any music from the Caped Crusader’s rogues gallery. However, that does not mean that the game is devoid of opera. In fact, one of the game’s Riddler challenges tasks you with finding five pieces of opera music hidden throughout Gotham City.

If you’re looking for help completing this challenge, then look no further. This guide will show you where to find all five pieces of opera music in “Arkham Knight.”

How to get to the opera house

In order to get to the opera house, you must first go to the north side of Gotham. You can get there by taking the Arkham Knight’s bridge from the batcave. When you are on the north side, you will see a large building that says “Gotham Opera House” on it. Go inside and take the elevator to the top floor.

How to find the music

Assuming you have the latest patch installed, head to the main menu and load up your game. Once you’re in Arkham Knight, go to the world map and locate Gotham Cathedral. You can get there easily by taking the Batmobile from the GCPD Garage directly north of the church. When you arrive at Gotham Cathedral, drive around to the back of the building and use your winch to pull down the face of one of the gargoyles. This will reveal a secret entrance – head on inside.

Once you’re in the cathedral, go through the door on your right and follow the hallway until you reach a large room with a hole in the floor. Drop down into this hole, and then use your line launcher to zip over to the other side of the room. vault over the barrier and follow this hallway until you reach another open room. In this room, you’ll find a lone piano in front of a portrait of Jonathan Crane (aka The Scarecrow).

Approach the piano and press spacebar/A to play it. Doing so will cause Crane’s portrait to slide open, revealing a secret entrance behind it. Crawl through this hidden passage until you reach a ladder – climb up it to reach an abandoned theatre.

How to find the lyrics

Finding the lyrics to your favorite opera music can be a difficult task. However, there are a few ways that you can locate the lyrics to these pieces of music.

One way to find the lyrics to opera music is to look online. There are many websites that offer the lyrics to popular opera songs. You can also find the lyrics to some less well-known opera songs on these websites as well.

Another way to find the lyrics to opera music is to purchase a book that contains the lyrics to many different opera songs. These books can be found at most music stores.

Finally, you can also find the lyrics to opera music by attending an opera performance. Many times, the libretto, which is the text of an opera, will be available for purchase at the merchandise table in the lobby of the theater.

How to find the composer

The opera music in Arkham Knight can be found by finding the composer, Andrew Ryan. He can be found in various locations around Gotham, but the best place to find him is in the GCPD building. Once you have found him, he will give you a key that opens up a door in the basement of the building. This door leads to a room where you can find a record player. Play the record player and you will be able to listen to the opera music.

How to find the singer

If you love singing and want to find an opera singer in Arkham Knight, here are some tips.

When you’re on top of a building and look down, you’ll see a marker for “Singer.” If you go to that location, you’ll find an opera singer named Andrea Baroni.

talk to her and she’ll tell you that she’s looking for a job. She wants to be an opera singer but she doesn’t have any money. You can offer to help her by giving her a job at the Gotham Opera House.

Head to the Gotham Opera House and talk to the manager, Maestro Delgado. He’ll tell you that they’re not hiring singers at the moment. However, he’ll give you a special key if you can find five pieces of music for the opera house.

The pieces of music are located around Gotham City. One piece is in front of the GCPD building, another is in front of Ace Chemicals, and the third is inside Gotham Cathedral. The fourth piece is in an alleyway in Chinatown, and the last piece is inside Wonder Tower.

Once you have all five pieces of music, return to the Gotham Opera House and give them to Maestro Delgado. He’ll be so impressed that he’ll give Andrea Baroni a job as an opera singer.

How to find the date

In Arkham Knight, you can find the date by looking in the menu. To do this, first open the menu by pressing the button. Then, scroll down to the “System” tab and select “Date/Time.” The date will be displayed at the top of the screen.

How to find the time

In Arkham Knight, you’ll need to find a specific type of music to progress in the game. Here’s how to find opera music in Arkham Knight.

1. During the day, go to the main square in Gotham City. You should see a stage with an opera singer performing.
2. Talk to the singer and she’ll give you a cassette tape of her performance.
3. Take the cassette tape to the GCPD building and insert it into the player in Commissioner Gordon’s office.
4. Listen to the entire tape, then exit out of the office and go back to the main square.
5. Talk to the opera singer again and she’ll give you another cassette tape.
6. This time, take the cassette tape to Wayne Tower and insert it into the player in Bruce Wayne’s office.
7 After listening to this second tape, you should hear a faint opera music coming from one of the vents in Wayne Tower. Follow the sound of the music until you reach a room with an open vent on one of the walls.
8 Inside this room, you’ll find a riddle that leads you to another vent. Crawl through this vent and you’ll reach a secret room with an opera singer performing inside it!

How to find the place

Arkham Knight’s take on Gotham City is massive, and there’s a lot of little details peppered throughout that make it feel truly alive. One such detail is the inclusion of operatic music being played at random in certain parts of the city. If you want to find out exactly where it’s coming from, though, you’re going to need to do a little bit of searching.

Here’s a quick guide on how to find opera music in Arkham Knight.

1. Head to the central island in Arkham Knight’s Gotham City. This is the island that has Gotham PD, Panessa Studios, and Ace Chemicals on it.
2. Go to the very southern tip of the island, just north of Panessa Studios.
3. You should see a small park with a statue in the middle. The statue will be playing opera music if you get close enough.

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