How to Listen to Your Own Music on Peloton?

Here’s how you use Google Drive to play your own music on Peloton. Sign in to your Google Drive account using your computer. Create a folder for Apple Music music by going to Create > Folder. Select the Upload and Files options. To view these tracks on Peloton, open Google Drive using the WebView Browser.

Similarly, Can you play your own music Peloton?

During a Peloton class, you cannot listen to your own music instead of the instructor-selected music. This does not, however, imply that you are restricted. It is possible to turn off the instructor’s voice and just follow the class prompts.

Also, it is asked, Can you listen to your own music on Peloton scenic rides?

Scenic Rides in a Peloton with Your Own Music You have two options for listening to music while riding: Using your phone or another mobile device with headphones or an external speaker. Using the tunes you’ve saved from courses or picturesque journeys on Spotify or Apple Music.

Secondly, Can you play your own Spotify on Peloton?

Option 1: Use Google Drive to stream Spotify music to Peloton. 4) Simply open your Peloton’s WebView Browser and browse to your Google Drive. To make Spotify music play on your Peloton, just click on the file you’ve stored on Google Drive.


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