How to Play Mexican Music on Guitar?

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Is there a certain Mexican guitar you need to play? Vihuelas and guitarróns are the instruments of choice for learning to play traditional Mexican guitar. There are two options for mariachi musicians who want to play the bass: the guitarrón or the vihuela.

Also, it is asked, How do you play mariachi chords?

The Ibanez Artwood Dreadnought is the standard option. To play steel-string corridos, this guitar is a great value for the money.

Secondly, What type of guitar do you need to play Mexican music?

Mariachi bands in Mexico commonly use the Mexican guitarrón (Spanish for “huge Mexican guitar,” with the suffix “-ón” being an augmentative) or “Mexican guitarrón,” which is a very large, deep-bodied six-string acoustic bass).

Also, How do you play Spanish song on guitar?

This piece is in the key of E Minor, and it is known as Cancion Del Mariachi. The Theorytab database lists it as the 3rd most common Minor key and the 8th most popular key overall. Popular music often employs both major and minor keys.

People also ask, What guitar do you need for corridos?

Even though the chord progressions and fingerings on mariachi guitar might be tough, the style itself is enjoyable and easy to master.

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What type of guitar do you use for corridos?

Among the best-known and best-sounding guitars in the world are Spanish guitar brands including Alhambra, Raimundo, Ramirez, Admira, Camp, and Prudencio Saez. Spain is the home of the flamenco guitar and classical guitar, which is why these guitars are made there.

What is a Mexican guitar?

In the late 19th century, Spain was the birthplace of the contemporary classical guitar. In addition to classical music, other genres employ the classical guitar, often known as the nylon-string guitar or the Spanish guitar.

What key is mariachi music in?

No. It’s a well-defined style that needs a nylon-stringed acoustic guitar. Even on one of Godin’s nylon string acoustic/electric guitars, the style simply doesn’t sound right when played in this manner.

Is mariachi guitar hard?

These beginner-friendly latin-spanish guitar tunes are a great place to start. Beloved, please. Cerezo Rosa, the name of the brand. Cielito Lindo is the name of the character. the eagle has flown. Guantanamera. The Story Of A Love. Jarabe Tapatio is the author of this work. The Bamba.

Which guitar is best for Spanish music?

Spanish guitar is a difficult instrument to play because of its many genres and rhythmic frameworks. Flamenco is also a physically demanding kind of music. With its musical diversity and depth, the study of Spanish guitar is a worthwhile endeavor.

What guitars do Spanish music use?

It was normal practice in the past to read the lyrics of corridos rather than sing them; when sung, they are usually accompanied by stringed instruments, such as guitars

Can you play Spanish songs on electric guitar?

Spanish and Portuguese use the word requinto to describe smaller, higher-pitched instruments. Requinto guitars, percussion, and a variety of wind instruments are all present.

What is the easiest Spanish song to play on guitar?

Prior to the release, Bunny started teasing the release on Instagram. Rather of the traditional corrido instruments of tuba and accordion, Rancho Humilde’s Corridos Tumbados was released on Halloween 2019 with a stripped-down sound that focused entirely on bass and guitar rhythms.

How do you play La Paloma on guitar?

Mexico’s bajo sexto (literally, “sixth bass“) is a 12-string guitar with six double courses of strings. The bajo quinto (Spanish: “fifth bass”) is a similarly related instrument with 10 strings in five double courses.

Is it hard to play Spanish guitar?

the instruments of mariachi music Guitarrón. Large-bodied bass guitars, such as the Guitarrón, are known as Guitarrón. VIheula. Mariachi music often features the VIHUELA MEXICANA as a traditional instrument. Harp. The Jalisco Harp was the first bass instrument used by mariachi bands. 2/06/2019

What instruments are used in corridos?

Despite this, Mexican Strats are still among of the best guitars in the world. They have the same wide variety of tonal options as American Strats, with the same snazzy tone. They lack that additional punch that distinguishes an American Strat from a Strat made in another country

What is requinto music?

With octaves on the six strings (three steel and three nylon), the guitarrón (gee-tar-RHON; roll the r’s if you can) is used to navigate beat 1 of each measure with melodic strolling lines to the following chord’s root. With the thumb of the fretting hand, guitarrónistas often finger notes. 3/9/2017

What instruments are used in corridos Tumbados?

Because guitarróns may be cumbersome, a strap is a good idea. The neck of the guitarrón should be held in your left hand after the instrument is in position. Your left thumb should be on the back of the guitar, and your fingers should be pressed on the strings. Pull and release the strings in front of the sound hole using your right hand.

What is a bajo sexto guitar?

Like the guitarrón, the vihuela is a tiny, deep-bodied rhythm guitar from Mexico. For their music, Mariachi bands in Mexico often use the Vihuela. To generate a rich, full, and clear tone, this guitar is strummed using all of the fingernail tips.

What guitars do mariachis use?

Use in the past Some people call it the Spanish Gypsy scale (see: Gypsy Scale), while others refer to it as the Spanish Phrygian or Phrygian major scale (see: Phrygian Mode, Phrygian Scale, and Major Scale).

Are Mexican guitars good?

When compared to other forms of guitar strumming, this approach produces a quick, complicated, and highly accentuated strum technique.

How does Guitarrón Mexicano work?

Individual band members are known as mariachis, and mariachi ensembles often contain four or more singers and musicians who sing and play traditional folk instruments, such as a high-pitched five-string guitar known as a vihuela, a bass guitar known as the guitarrón, violins, and trumpets.

How do you hold a guitarrón?

It’s a folk song with a lot of accordion in it, and it has its roots in the countryside. As one of Mexico’s native musical traditions, the Huapango is one in which the meter often changes. It is possible that the time signature will change from 3/4 to 6/8, for instance.

What is a small Mexican guitar called?

Acoustic guitar strings are more prone to destroy a Spanish guitar when used on it. Because the Spanish guitar is so loud, it’s not recommended to play it in public places. The acoustic guitar’s tone has a more metallic, ringing feel, whereas this instrument’s sound is richer and deeper.

What scale is used in Mexican music?

Gypsy King Signature Flamenco Acoustic Electric Guitar by Cordoba GK Studio. For guitarists, there is no better stage instrument than the GK Studio.

Is mariachi fast or slow?

Using a Classical guitar as a beginner’s instrument has several advantages. Inexperienced guitar players will avoid steel strings after experiencing nylon strings for the first time. They have a pleasant sound, are soft to the touch, and are easy to play on.


The “traditional mexican guitar music” is a type of music that originated from Mexico. It is traditionally played with a Mexican style acoustic guitar and often includes the use of traditional percussion instruments such as maracas, castanets, and tambourine.

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