How to Play Music in Webex?

Show Menu Bar > Meeting > Meeting settings to set up a meeting. Click Show Menu Bar > Webinar > Webinar settings to set up a webinar. Scroll down to Webex smart audio and pick Music mode in the Audio section. When you go to Music mode, Noise reduction will be disabled.

Similarly, Can you play music in the background on Webex?

When you activate music mode, it is enabled for all calls and meetings, including the one you’re now on. The microphone optimizes audio for speech by default when a call or meeting starts. Turn on music mode to optimize for music. Then, under Webex smart audio, pick Music mode.

Also, it is asked, How do I play Spotify on Webex?

How Do Cisco Webex Meetings and Spotify Work Together? Authenticate Cisco Webex Meetings and Spotify in step one. Step 2: Choose one of the applications to act as a trigger for your automation. Step 3: From the other app, choose a resultant action. Step 4: Choose the information you wish to transfer from one app to another. That’s it!

Secondly, How do I play music while screen is shared in Webex?

Only for Mac users: When you share your PC audio for the first time, Webex invites you to install audio drivers. Choose Cancel or Install and follow the on-screen prompts. Choose the screen or program to share 1Select More > Share Content from the menu. 3 Select Share after selecting the material you wish to share. 1 more row

Also, How do I stream audio on Webex?

Select Audio Broadcast if audio broadcast is enabled for your event. The dialog box for Audio Broadcast appears. To begin the broadcast, click Play. To pause the broadcast, choose Pause.

People also ask, What is music mode Webex?

When you use your computer for audio, music mode keeps the genuine sound of your microphone, making virtual concerts or music lessons even better. When you activate music mode, it is enabled for all calls and meetings, including the one you’re now on.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I share media on Webex?

See Share Material in Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Events if you wish to share content via sharing your screen. Select Multimedia > Share. Enter the link to the content you’d want to share. The material shows in the Multimedia Viewer window once you choose OK.

How do I play Music on Webex without screen sharing?

Audio loopback software (VB Audio Driver or Loopback). To have music played at your event: Start your Webex meeting, then use the softphone on your PC to connect to the audio. In the softphone choices for microphone, choose the audio loopback tool. Use a music player to listen to the audio.

Can you share audio through WebEx?

From the toolbar, choose the share icon. Go to the default setting of “Optimize for text and pictures.” ChooseOptimize for motion and video” from the tab. In the bottom-right corner of your tab, check the “Share your PC audio” option.

Why can’t I hear my Webex recording?

Make sure the default setting on your headphones (or whatever device you’re using) is on. Set Default by clicking the relevant icon. Check that your headphones (or whatever device you’re using) aren’t muted on the computer (bottom right side of the screen) and that the WebEx audio volume isn’t muted by clicking Mixer.

How do I play YouTube on Webex?

Click Go Live in the top right corner of the screen when you get a preview of the live feed. On your YouTube channel, you may now watch a live broadcast of your meeting or event. To share the live video with others, click Share underneath the video. A Webex logo shows when you broadcast a Webex meeting to YouTube.

How do I listen to YouTube on Webex?

Navigate to Stream > New Stream. Enter the Streaming Service’s information, including Target Stream link (enter the stream URL) and Target Stream key (paste the stream key). To begin broadcasting from Webex Meetings or Events, click Start streaming.

How do I find audio settings in Webex?

Go to More choices and pick Speaker, microphone, and camera to test during the meeting. Select Test from the Speaker menu. If you don’t hear anything, try increasing the Output volume slider or changing the speaker device in the drop-down list. Click Test in the Microphone menu, then talk into your microphone.

How do I get a video from Webex to play in Powerpoint?

To utilize a video in a WebEx Powerpoint presentation, you must first make the movie accessible on the web and then connect from the ppt file to the website using the WebEx UCF feature. Go to -> Support -> Technical Support -> Knowledge Base and search for ” powerpoint embedded video ” for further information.

Why Webex Cannot change background?

Select Enable virtual backdrop from the Site Options drop-down menu. In order to enable virtual backdrops for iOS users, you must additionally choose Display user avatars in the meeting client (Meetings) if your Webex site is version 40.4. 12 or earlier.

Why can’t I change my background on Webex?

Check your system requirements if you’re confident the virtual background function is turned on but still don’t see the change background option. Some older systems may not be able to provide virtual backdrops since this is a new function.

How can I share my screen with audio?

Screen and audio sharing In the toolbar, click the Share Screen button. At the bottom of the Share Screen pop-up window, check the option to Share PC sound. Make sure the volume is set appropriately. If you’re sharing a video (like on YouTube), make sure the screen is viewable to everyone.

How do I connect my Webex to a Bluetooth speaker?

Choose to hear the meeting audio through your phone, speaker, or a connected Bluetooth headset during a meeting 1Sign in using the Meetings app on your mobile device. 2Tap to begin the meeting. 3While in the meeting, tap the Bluetooth icon to choose between Bluetooth, phone, and speaker.

How do I connect my Bluetooth headset to Webex?

For two seconds, slide up and hold the Power/Bluetooth switch until the Bluetooth LED blinks. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone. Most call devices include a Settings section where you may activate and disable Bluetooth. Choose your headset from the drop-down menu.

How do I get sound on my Webex recording?

There is no sound in the recording. Select Start from the Start menu. Type Sound in the Search programs and files or Start Search area. Select the Sound option. Select the Recording option. Speak into the microphone. If your microphone is operating correctly, a green bar will move up and down.

Can you play video in Webex?

Select Optimize for motion and video if you’re sharing your screen or an application to play a video or an animation. Because of the greater frame rate, video playback is smoother. Webex optimizes your content for text and pictures if you don’t optimize for motion and video.

How do I share audio and video on Webex?

Audio and video sharing should be enabled. In the bottom part of your WebEx Meeting screen, click the share button. Choose Optimize for Motion and Video from the upper-left drop-down menu, and make sure Share Your Computer Audio is selected. Choose the screen you wish to see the video on.

How do I make multiple presenters in WebEx?

On the Participants panel, pick the desired attendee’s name, then go to the Participant menu > Change Role To > Presenter. Click and drag the presenter ball to the chosen participant’s name in the Participants panel, then click the Yes button.

What is presenter mode in PowerPoint?

What exactly is it? When watching a Slide Show in PowerPoint, the Presenter view mode is automatically active. It’s usually linked to two monitors, such as a laptop and a projector.

How do you share a slide on WebEx?

Choose File > Share (Including video). Choose one or more files you wish to share, then click Open. A status indication shows in the content area and on the document tabs as each file loads. The content viewer displays the shared file.

Can you do green screen on WebEx?

During or before a meeting, desktop users may change their backdrop. Click on the meeting session to get a preview screen before you join. You may join a meeting by clicking the green “Join” button, or change your backdrop by selecting Change Background.

How do I change my WebEx background on my phone?

Only the WebEx meetings mobile app for iOS devices supports the virtual backdrop function. 1. Select Virtual Background from the Video menu.

Does Webex invert your face?

When you glance at your self-view video during a conversation, it looks to be inverted by default, as if you’re gazing in the mirror. Mirror view solely affects your self-view video; it is not transmitted to other call participants.

Does Webex have video filters?

WebEx, filters to “increase your presence” during a video conference, was unveiled today on our social media networks.

How do I share my screen with Music and Zoom?

With that warning out of the way, here’s how to share your iPhone or Android screen with audio. As usual, start a new meeting or join an existing one. Tap the green Share Content button on the meeting toolbar after you’ve entered the meeting. On the content selection box, choose Screen.


The “music on webex” is a question that I am asked quite often. The answer to this question is very simple, you just need to use the music player in your WebEx client.

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To share a Youtube video on Webex, you just need to add the audio to the video. It’s easy! Reference: how to share youtube video on webex with audio.

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