How to Put Music on Tidal?

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These three steps are all you need to get started: Your music should be uploaded. Upload your music files, artwork, and release information to the TuneCore website quickly and effortlessly. Your music is sent to TIDAL via TuneCore. We’ll upload your tunes to TIDAL as well as any other shops you want. You are compensated.

Similarly, How do I upload music to TIDAL?

TIDAL is the place to go if you want to listen to music. Importing a Playlist When you click the button, you’ll be transported to the Tune My Music website, where you may finish your transfer. Stop spending time moving music between streaming services and let Soundiiz do it for you.

Also, it is asked, Can you put your own music on TIDAL?

You may upload your music to TIDAL without a record label via Indigoboom, Record Union, DistroKid, Tunecore, or recordJET.

Secondly, Is it free to upload music on TIDAL?

TIDAL offers free HD music uploads. By registering a free account at as an artist or label, you can quickly and at no cost obtain your music on TIDAL’s platform.

Also, How much does it cost to post music on TIDAL?

What is the cost of selling music on TIDAL? TuneCore provides musicians with a cost-effective, quick, and simple solution to distribute their music to the world’s most prominent streaming services and shops. TuneCore allows you to upload your music to TIDAL for $9.99 per song and $29.99 each album or EP.

People also ask, Can I transfer my Pandora playlist to TIDAL?

It just takes a few mouse clicks! Begin by choosing Pandora as a source music platform, and then the Tidal streaming service as the next destination. FYM will transfer your playlists and albums in a few minutes or less when you choose them for the migration procedure.

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Should I switch from Spotify to TIDAL?

Spotify, unlike Tidal, does not provide lossless streaming, therefore it is not the ideal option for audiophiles. Tidal is clearly the winner here, but if you’re not a dedicated audiophile, you’ll be OK with Spotify’s 320kbps streaming. It sounds fantastic, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on headphones to enjoy it.

Why is my music not on TIDAL?

Check to see whether your TIDAL app is up to date. TIDAL should be forced to shut and restarted. Clear your browser’s cache. Play or listen to the chosen material on a separate device.

Which artists are not on TIDAL?

Tidal Artists Who Aren’t on Tidal Lily Allen, Marina & the Diamonds, Mumford & Sons, Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard, and music producer Steve Albini have all spoken out against Tidal, although their work is nonetheless available on the site.

Is Metallica on TIDAL?

/PRNewswire/ — NEW YORK, Dec. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — — TIDAL, a worldwide music streaming and entertainment platform, today announced that the famous metal band Metallica’s full catalog is now available to TIDAL users in the United States. For the first time on TIDAL, Metallica’s entire catalog is now accessible in high-resolution audio.

How can I use TIDAL without paying?

Tidal Access is a free tier offered by Tidal. You can use Tidal Access for free, but you’ll only be able to listen to and see a restricted number of audio and video songs. You can acquire Tidal Access by creating an account in the Tidal app and opting out of a subscription.

How do artists make money on TIDAL?

What is the best way to make money on Tidal? Unlike physical or digital sales, Tidal pays you royalties every time someone listens to your music. Tidal receives a share of the advertiser’s or consumer’s monthly membership or advertising income.

Why is TIDAL better than Spotify?

Sound quality is excellent. Spotify Premium and Tidal Premium both provide 320kbps streaming options (CD quality). Tidal streaming, on the other hand, provided a more expansive soundstage and sounded somewhat more engaged. Tidal also allows users to listen to music at superior-to-CD quality.

How do I put music on all platforms?

This is how you can get your music on a streaming service. Make sure the music you’re using is fantastic. To begin, keep in mind that when you upload your music to streaming services, you’re up against the finest of the best. Make a decision on a music distribution service. Make sure you have your audio files ready. Make a cover for your book. The launch will be streamed. Develop a fan base.

Is TIDAL Hi Fi worth it?

Waves of the Tide Despite the hefty cost of admission, Tidal provides an outstanding listening experience. Audiophiles will like the service’s curated playlists, unique albums, video material, and, of course, Master-quality audio. In conclusion, for streaming music services, it’s an obvious Editors’ Choice.

How do I make a playlist on TIDAL?

On your desktop, click Create New Playlist in the left column under My Playlists to create a playlist. Give the list a name, hit Enter, and then start adding songs to it. You may make as many playlists as you like. You may add songs and albums to your desktop playlists in a variety of ways.

How much is TIDAL per month?

What is the process of getting a TIDAL subscription? Premium FreePremium FamilyTidal FreeFamily Tidal HiFiPremium is available for free. $9.99/mo $14.99 per month for a family Tidal HiFi Plus is a premium version of Tidal. $19.99/mo $29.99 per month for a family

Is TIDAL worth it 2021?

As a result, it all comes down to personal choice. There’s no need to upgrade to HiFi if you’re happy with Tidal Premium’s 320 kbps. However, if you want ultra-high-quality music and have the necessary equipment, Tidal HiFi will be well worth your money.

Is TIDAL free better than Spotify?

How do the prices of TIDAL HiFi Plus and Spotify compare? TIDAL is more costly than Spotify, but it offers better audio quality. TIDAL subscriptions are divided into three categories: free, hiFi, and hiFi Plus. TIDAL HiFi costs $9.99 and includes lossless audio files as well as a few more features.

Does TIDAL have all music?

Tidal’s goals are first dependent on the quality of the streaming. Premium subscriptions allow you complete access to Tidal’s music and features, but stream quality is limited to 320kbps, which is the same as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and many other services.

What music can you get on TIDAL?

In Support of Your Music More than 80 million tracks have been downloaded. TIDAL gets you closer to the artists you listen to with over 80 million songs, unique releases, and plenty of interviews and music videos. Audio formats that are unique. Anytime. Radio and mixtapes Playlists that have been hand-picked. Videos and livestreams are available.

Where is Metallica now?

Metallica is presently on tour in 12 countries, with 20 shows scheduled. Their next show will be in Porto Alegre’s Estacionamento da FIERGS, followed by Curitiba’s Estadio Couto Pereira. Below are all of your chances to see them live!

Can you cancel tidal at anytime?

TIDAL Subscription or Trial Cancellation – TIDAL You can cancel your TIDAL subscription or trial at any time if you no longer want to use it. If you pay for TIDAL via a third-party, you’ll have to contact them to cancel. For help, contact your mobile phone provider’s customer support department.

Do you need a credit card for a tidal free trial?

You must add a valid payment account to complete your registration and get access to the 30-day free trial. You may make use of: A credit card is required. Debit card issued by a bank.

Is my tidal hacked?

“Any reported compromised accounts and alleged attack recipes are quickly analyzed by Tidal’s online security team, and no proof of the Tidal system being at danger or any of our users utilizing their standard payment methods being hacked,” Lending said.

Who pays artists better Spotify or tidal?

The amount of artist royalties paid to Tidal and Spotify is the biggest difference. Spotify distributes 70% of its earnings to record labels. Tidal is completely reimbursable. Tidal also makes it simple for listeners to contribute by allowing them to do so using PayPal, Venmo, and Square.

How long does it take to get paid from tidal?

If you register with TIDAL directly (currently accessible by invitation only) and reach the $50 payment threshold, we will send you monies to your chosen payment method within 7 business days after the end of the month.

Does tidal actually pay artists more?

Apple and Tidal both pay more per spin than Spotify. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple has stated that it will pay artists a cent per stream, which (as stingy as it seems) is really rather generous.

Is TIDAL black owned?

We can establish that TIDAL is predominantly owned by black people. As platform owners and/or contributors, we collaborate with a diverse group of artists.

Is TIDAL free on Tesla?

The Tesla driving experience is enhanced by connectivity and entertainment. Through TIDAL’s integration and a HiFi Plus or HiFi membership, Tesla customers throughout the globe can now enjoy unrivaled access to high-quality music right in their cars. For further help and information, see the links below.


To put music on Tidal, users need to subscribe to the service. There are two options for subscribing: “tidal for artists” and “Tidal Premium”. The first option is free and allows users to upload up to 250 songs per month. The second option costs $19.99 a month and allows unlimited uploads of all types of content.

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Tidal is a music streaming service that offers high quality audio and video streams. It is not free, but it has an artist’s bundle which allows artists to stream their content for free. Artists can sign up on the website to be able to do this. Reference: tidal for artists sign up.

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