How to Record Video While Listening to Music on Iphone?

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How to record a screen while listening to music on an iPhone: Go to the Settings’ menu. Select Customize Controls’ from the ‘Control Centre’ menu. Select ‘Screen Recording’ from the drop-down menu. Make sure that recording is turned on. You may now record your screen while listening to music. When you’re finished, tap the red reading symbol in the menu bar to end the recording.

Similarly, How do I record a video and keep playing music on my iPhone?

Keep the camera in photo mode. Step three. Now hit and hold the shutter button while dragging it to the right, and the video will begin to record as the music continues to play in the background.

Also, it is asked, Can you record a video while listening to music?

Play the tune in your music player. To begin recording, open the Record Video with Music app and press the camera icon. To end the recording, tap the same camera icon. Any music app, such as Spotify, Gaana, YouTube Music, and Apple Music, works seamlessly with the app.

Secondly, Can you play music on your phone while recording a video?

When you move to different settings or open other programs, most Android and iOS devices deactivate camera features by default. You won’t be able to capture video while listening to music on the same device. There are, however, certain models that will allow you to do so.

Also, What app allows you to play music while recording a video?

Mideo is the media monster of video recording applications, allowing you to listen to music while concurrently capturing video. Taking videos without the app stops the audio and prevents you from listening and recording. Do you want to film video while listening to music on your Android device? Download Mideo right now!

People also ask, How do I record on my iPhone while playing Spotify?

Launch the Camera app and choosePhoto” mode to capture a QuickTake video while music is playing. If you switch to “Video” mode, the background music will cease playing, so make sure you’re in “Photo” mode. Then, to record your video, hit and hold the red shutter button for a few seconds before releasing it.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I record a video while watching YouTube?

The most straightforward method is to utilize YouTube’s webcam capture capability to record a video and upload it directly to the site. To do so, go to any YouTube website and find and click the Upload button at the top-right corner, then go to Webcam capture and select Record.

Can you play Spotify while taking a video?

How to listen to music while recording on an iPhone or Android device: Any audio source may be played (Spotify, Apple Music, Podcasts, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.) It doesn’t matter whether you want to pause the song or leave it playing. Start recording with the Mideo app.

How do you keep Spotify playing while recording?

Start your music player and choose the tune you want to listen to. To begin recording, open the Together app and hit the video camera button at the bottom. The music should not be turned off. When you’re ready, touch the same camera symbol to stop recording.

How can I play YouTube and Apple music at the same time?

Because neither YouTube nor YouTubeTV have incorporated this capability, listening to Spotify or Apple Music while viewing YouTube videos is not feasible. Using the Picture in Picture function, you may listen to Apple Music while viewing an Apple/iTunes movie.

How do I record audio and video at the same time?

If the camera and the audio are on different devices, you’ll need to “sync” the video and audio to for them to play back in time. Another option is to record video from the camera into a DVD recorder while also recording audio from a soundboard mixer into the DVD recorder.

How do I record a video that’s playing on my phone?

Take a screenshot of your phone’s screen. From the top of your screen, swipe down twice. To record a screen, use the record button. It’s possible that you’ll have to swipe right to discover it. Tap Start after selecting what you wish to capture. Following the countdown, the recording starts. Swipe down from the top of the screen and press the Screen recorder notice to stop recording.

Can I record a video while watching a video on my iPhone?

Go to Settings > Control Center, then press the Add button next to Screen Recording if you’re using iOS 14 or later. On your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, open Control Center, then hit Microphone. Wait for the three-second countdown after tapping Start Recording.

Can you play two audios at once on iPhone?

DuoPod is another another iPhone software that allows you and your sibling to listen to two separate tunes at the same time. The layout hasn’t changed. When you initially open the program, you’ll see that the screen is divided in half.

Does iPhone have separate app sound?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. In iOS, sound can only be played via one output at a time, and it’s all or nothing.

How do you use YouTube and iPhone at the same time?

Go to after you’ve installed the browser. Choose a song to listen to, hit play, and then exit the page. The iOS Control Center will allow you to control playback. Even if you put your phone down, the music will continue to play.

How do I record a song over a video?

Do you want to make a video with music? Step 1: Start by playing your video. Although this may seem to be a no-brainer, I wanted to be thorough. Step 2: Upload your files. There are various methods to add video and audio files to your Camtasia Media Bin. Step 3: Drag and drop your files into the timeline. Step 4: Tailor the audio to your preferences.

Why is there no sound when I record a video on my iPhone?

Make sure no headset is linked to it by going to settings > Bluetooth. To double-check that there is no sound on record due to a minor technical problem, shut the camera or video app on your iPhone and open the music app.

How do you separate audio on iPhone?

Scroll the timeline in your project to locate the playhead where you wish to divide an audio clip. To expose the inspector at the bottom of the screen, tap the audio clip in the timeline. Select Split from the Actions menu.

Can you play two sounds at once?

I To begin, you may choose a single app from the list to play sound in the background while another app is already doing so. ii) You may also switch on multi-stream audio by selecting “All applications.” 4] Choose your applications and you’re all set.

What is Audiobus?

A bus (alternative spelling buss, plural busses) is a signal route in audio engineering that may be used to combine (sum) different audio signal pathways. It’s most often used to combine together numerous independent audio tracks that may subsequently be modified as a unit, just like another track.

Can you listen to two different songs with AirPods?

How to get started with sharing. Connect your iOS or iPadOS smartphone to your AirPods or AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, or Beats headphones. On your iPhone or iPad, tap the AirPlay button in Control Center, on the Lock Screen, or in the app you’re listening to. Tap Audio may be shared.

How can I play music while on the phone?

It’s simple to listen to music or other sounds while on the phone: To return to the home screen while on a phone conversation, press the Home button. Open the Music app, choose a song or podcast you want to listen to, then tap play.

How do I add custom background sounds to my iPhone?

Add “Set Background Sounds” on the Actions window. In that action, instead of tapping “Turn,” choose “Toggle.” “Change Background Sound” now has a second action. If the current background sound in that action isn’t what you want, tap it and pick another.


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