How to Stop Music in Discord?

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Similarly, How do you turn off music in Discord?

Right-click on them and choose Mute from the menu.

Also, it is asked, How do you stop the music in Discord MEE6?

The dashboard is where you can control the MEE6 music bot. Logging into the dashboard allows you to operate the music bot. You may add music, start and stop the bot from here.

Secondly, How do I mute rythm bot?

All the server owner has to do to silence the bot is just click on it and then press the mute button. To reverse this, the owner must ensure that both the mute and server mute boxes are unchecked. It isn’t quite that simple if you aren’t the server’s owner.

Also, How do you control Discord music bot?

Open Discord and go to the “Menusection. Select the server to which you added the bot from the list of servers. Join a voice channel and give the order to the bot to start playing music. The commands are available on the bot’s webpage.

People also ask, Why is MEE6 music Premium?

Mee6 only provides commands for your server, such as the music command. I know I should have asked MEE6, but thanks for the explanation. Our premium service focuses on providing music, a music quiz, and elegant rank cards to your server. The focus of Discord Nitro is on you and your individual benefits.

Related Questions and Answers

Does Carl bot play music?

Carl-bot is a completely configurable and modular discord bot that supports response roles, automation, and logging. There’s also music, a lot of uptime, and auto roles.

Can dynos play music?

The following are some commands and features to be aware of: Music: Stream your favorite tunes straight from Discord, which is powered by streaming hardware and offers a diverse selection of music. Dyno Bot offers a simple, easy-to-use interface from which you can conduct and control several servers.

What are the commands to play music in Discord?

Open the current server’s general text channel. Send the command by typing “/play” in the text box, followed by the name of the music you wish to play (you may also include the artist).

Is Groovy Discord free?

Groovy is a strong, no-nonsense music bot that provides consumers with all they want for free. Groovy keeps things simple, unlike many other music bots, which have extensive instructions and settings. Here’s a link to Groovy’s command list. Groovy may be invited to your server by clicking here.

Does MEE6 music still work?

Mee6, like other popular bots, is utilized by over 14 million servers and is regarded as one of the greatest music and moderation bots available. You may listen to music directly from your Discord server with this simple and reliable bot.

Does MEE6 cost money?

You may award players with additional responsibilities once they achieve a particular level, link numerous Twitch and YouTube channels to your server, and personalize your moderation messages even further with MEE6 premium. MEE6 premium costs $11.95 per month, $49.99 per year, or $89.90 for life on one server.

Does Carlbot have AFK?

Tag AFK. Creates an autoresponse with the mention of the tag user as the trigger. To create a trigger, type “on” (without quotes), and to remove a trigger, type “off.” If you put a message after “on,” it will be used as the away message; if you leave it blank, it will be used as the default away message.

What is the best music bot for Discord?

How to Add Bots to Your Discord Server Music by Jockie. Jockie Music is without a doubt the greatest music bot available on Discord. Uzox. Uzox bot is what you should be looking at if you require a Discord music bot with premium capabilities for free. Fredboat.\sHydra.\sChip.\sZandercraft.\sBMO.\sVexera

How do I set my dyno to AFK?

When you establish an AFK status, Dyno will automatically append “[AFK]” at the beginning of your username (if it has the permissions to). Please remember that removing your AFK status is as simple as talking in any channel that isn’t ignored by Dyno.

What is a Discord music bot?

Music bots on Discord allow numerous people on a server to listen to the same song at the same time. Music bots in Discord may search for songs on YouTube, Spotify, and other platforms and play them in a voice channel.

How do I know if my music is Discord?

To utilize your microphone to play music in Discord, follow these instructions. Go to your Control Panel and open it. Select Manage Audio Devices from the Hardware and Sound menu. Select the Recording tab from the drop-down menu. Turn on stereo mixing. Set it to the default microphone. All you have to do now is join a voice channel and use your microphone to play music.

What is not allowed on Discord?

Discord is to be respected. Do not participate in any unlawful or harmful activities, such as sexual solicitation, human trafficking, or the sale or facilitation of forbidden or possibly dangerous commodities (firearms, ammunition, drugs, and controlled substances)

How do you whisper on Discord?

A command similar to /w that allows you to send a message to a discord server, but only the people you tag will see it.

Why was groovy taken down?

Groovy, a Discord music bot, shut down on August 30 owing to copyright difficulties with YouTube. Since its early phases of development, Discord, a text messaging and voice calling program used for gaming and community building, has offered bots as add-on services.

Why is groovy stopping?

Groovy was given seven days to shut down. YouTube alleged that Groovy had broken its terms of service by changing YouTube’s service and utilizing it for commercial reasons, according to The Verge.

Why is groovy leaving?

According to The Verge – and verified by YouTube – YouTube has sent Groovy a cease-and-desist order for “violations of our Terms of Service, including altering the service and utilizing it for commercial reasons.” Groovy was deployed on almost 16 million Discord servers.

Are all music bots shutting down?

Rythm, Groovy, and Octave were the bots’ names. All three will be dead by the end of the month, according to Google’s legal department’s sluggish and irregular swing of the digital guillotine. These bots are far from obscure.

Is Rythm bot coming back?

Groovy and Rythm were two of the most popular bots online until YouTube terminated them a few weeks ago, and now the video giant has come back with its own “alternative.”

Is MEE6 a virus?

On Discord, mee6 is a bot with no purpose. Mee6 is also spreading like a virus across servers, which it is. This functionality is present on many servers, rendering them inaccessible to the majority of users.

Is Dyno better than MEE6?

Dyno comes highly recommended for moderation and overall utility. It’s a very well-developed service that serves over a million servers, including several of mine, including a 59k verified server that I manage. None of the others would have my faith in that server. Mee6 has a problem with service levels.

Can you give XP with MEE6?

15. Admin has the ability to utilize! @username, give-xp, and! remove-xp @username adds and removes points that have an effect on the user’s server rank.

How do you use AFK bot discord?

To notify your other server members know you’re AFK, utilize the Dyno Discord bot. Add Dyno to Discord and use the ‘/afk’ commands to utilize this. All you have to do is enter a forward slash, ‘/’, and then the word ‘afk.’ Enter a message with the reason and press Enter.

What replaces groovy with Discord?

FredBoat is one of the best Discord music bots as an alternative to Rythm and Groovy. FredBoat is one of Discord’s most popular music bots, and it’s often used on large servers since it supports several sites including YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, and Bandcamp. MEE6, MEE7, MEE8, MEE9, MEE10, MEE11, MEE12, MEE13, M Bot by Zandercraft.

Is Groovy still working?

Groovy’s service will expire on August 30th. Premium consumers who purchased for service after this date will be refunded in the coming weeks,” Ammerlaan said.

Can Discord play Spotify playlists?

Discord and Spotify have partnered to enable your Discord peers to see what you’re listening to and play Spotify tunes. So, when you’re listening to music on Spotify, you can ask your server pals to enjoy the song as well using a “Listen Along” option.

Can you change the PFP of a Discord bot?

Most (almost all) Discord bots don’t enable personalized profile images, which is a bummer since it makes numerous bots seem the same and undifferentiated.

Can MEE6 change name?

Don’t worry about it right now; you may alter your bot’s name at any moment!

What is a MEE6 bot?

MEE6 is a Discord role bot that lets users assign roles to themselves via Discord replies. This discord role generator will adjust permissions for users in Discord automatically.

Can Dyno Bot see deleted messages?

The past 100 messages per channel will be cached by Premium Dyno. Dyno does not keep track of who deleted a message.

How do you warn someone on discord?

To get started, go to the Slash Command Builder and create a warn, or whatever you want to call it, endpoint with a user option first and a string option second that will be the cause for the warn. All you have to do now is run /warn @user reason once everything is set up.


To stop music in Discord, you will need to open up the audio settings for your channel. There is a “Stop” button that will do just that.

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