The Best Background Music for Jazz Lovers – MP3s Included!

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A great blog post for jazz lovers looking for the best background music to help them relax and focus. MP3s are included so you can listen right away!


Looking for the best background music for your jazz listening pleasure? Look no further – we’ve got a great selection of MP3s for you to choose from!

Jazz is a genre of music that originated in the African-American communities of New Orleans, United States. It is characterized by a complex structure that often includes improvised sections. Jazz is widely considered to be one of America’s greatest cultural exports.

There are many different styles of jazz, including:

-New Orleans Jazz: This style of jazz originated in the early 1900s in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is characterized by a relaxed yet syncopated feel, as well as a focus on collective improvisation.

-Dixieland Jazz: Also known as “trad jazz”, this style of jazz was popularized in the early 20th century by bands such as the Original Dixieland Jazz Band. It is characterized by its use of “hot” instruments (such as trumpets and trombones), as well as a focus on improvisation.

-Swing Jazz: This style of jazz emerged in the mid-1930s and became widely popular in the 1940s. It is characterized by its use of “big band” instrumentation and an overall swinging feel.

-Bebop: This style of jazz emerged in the early 1940s and was characterized by its complex harmony and improvisation. Bebop was largely influenced by African-American culture, as well as Blues and Gospel music.

Best Background Music for Jazz Lovers

If you’re a big fan of jazz music, you’re going to love this new MP3 collection of some of the best background music for jazz lovers! This selection of tracks has been expertly curated to provide the perfect backdrop for any jazz enthusiast. Whether you’re looking for music to help you relax or to get you pumped up for a night out, we’ve got you covered.

“Take the ‘A’ Train” by Duke Ellington

“Take the ‘A’ Train” is a 1941 composition by Duke Ellington that quickly became a jazz standard and one of the most recorded tunes of all time. Many notable artists have recorded their own versions of the song, including Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and Miles Davis. The song is named after the “A” train, a New York City Subway line that runs through Harlem, where Ellington grew up.

“Mood Indigo” by Duke Ellington

Mood Indigo by Duke Ellington is the perfect background music for jazz lovers. This classic tune has a driving beat that will keep your feet tapping and the smooth, mellow piano chords will make you feel right at home. Ellington’s “Mood Indigo” is the perfect choice for a relaxing evening in or a lively night out.

“Satin Doll” by Duke Ellington

“Satin Doll” is a jazz standard composed by Duke Ellington and co-written with Billy Strayhorn and Johnny Mercer. It was first performed by Ellington in 1953, and has been recorded by many artists since then.

The song is known for its catchy melody, and has been described as “one of the most perfect jazz songs ever written.” It is often used as background music in restaurants and cafes, and has been featured in a number of films, including The Sting (1973), Forrest Gump (1994), Wall Street (1987), and The Shawshank Redemption (1994).

If you’re looking for some great background music for your next dinner party or gathering, “Satin Doll” is the perfect choice. Whether you’re a fan of Duke Ellington or just love great jazz music, this song is sure to please.

“Solitude” by Duke Ellington

Looking for the perfect background music to set the mood for some laid-back jazz listening? Then look no further than “Solitude” by Duke Ellington. This classic tune has a beautifully calming effect that is perfect for putting you in the right frame of mind to appreciate all that jazz has to offer. Plus, with its MP3 included, you can enjoy this relaxing tune wherever you go!

“In a Sentimental Mood” by Duke Ellington

“In a Sentimental Mood” is a 1931 composition by Duke Ellington. It was originally written as an instrumental, but became immensely popular when Ellington added lyrics by Irving Mills. The song is now considered a standards and has been recorded by many artists over the years.

“In a Sentimental Mood” is a slow, melancholy piece that evokes a deep feeling of sadness and longing. The lyrics are sad and longing as well, making it the perfect background music for jazz lovers who want to relax and reflect on their emotions. If you’re looking for background music that will help you relax and unwind, this is the perfect choice.


We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best background music for jazz lovers. don’t forget to check out the MP3s included for a taste of what’s on offer. If you’re looking for something a little different, why not try one of our other music guides? We’ve got something for everyone, from classical music lovers to rock fans.

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