How to Play Jazz Me Blues Sheet Music

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How to Play Jazz Me Blues Sheet Music – Learn how to play this popular jazz standard with easy to follow instructions and video tutorial.


Jazz me blues is a popular and well-known tune that has been recorded by many jazz musicians. The original composition was by W.C. Handy and was first published in 1912. The tune became a standard and has been recorded by many artists including Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, Jelly Roll Morton, and Django Reinhardt.

Jazz me blues is often played at a slow tempo and is a good tune for beginners to practice improvisation. The melody is simple and there are many opportunities to add your own embellishments. The following is a basic guide on how to play jazz me blues sheet music.

What You Need

In order to play Jazz Me Blues, you will need access to a few things:
-A copy of the Jazz Me Blues sheet music, which you can find online or in certain music stores
-A Jazz Me Blues recording, which you can find online or in certain music stores
-An instrument – this could be a piano, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, etc.
-Basic knowledge of how to read sheet music
-Basic knowledge of how to play your chosen instrument

With these things in hand, you’re ready to begin learning how to play Jazz Me Blues!


Jazz Me Blues is a popular song written in 1910 by Clarence Williams with lyrics by Raymond B. Egan. The song was first recorded by the Original Dixieland Jass Band in 1917 and has been recorded by many other artists since then.

If you’re a fan of Jazz Me Blues and would like to learn how to play it on the piano, here are the steps:

1. Find a copy of the sheet music. You can usually find this online or at a music store.

2. Familiarize yourself with the melody and chord progression. Listen to a recording of the song to get an idea of how it should sound.

3. Practice playing the melody with one hand while accompanying yourself with chords in the other hand. This will help you get comfortable with the feel of the song.

4. Once you’re comfortable with the melody, start adding in some left-hand bass patterns. This will give the song more depth and make it sound more like jazz.

5. Experiment with different right-hand embellishments such as trills, runs, and smears to add your own personal touch to the piece.

6. Practice playing Jazz Me Blues with a metronome to keep yourself in time with the music. This is especially important when playing with others so that everyone stays together.

7. When you’re ready, perform Jazz Me Blues for your friends, family, or anyone else who will listen!


Jazz Me Blues is a super fun, easy to play song that everyone will recognize. Here are some tips to help you sound great when you play it!

-Start by learning the melody. It’s pretty simple, and once you have it down you can add in your own embellishments.
-If you’re not sure how to improvise, start by listening to the recording and copying what the saxophone player is doing. Then, once you have a feel for it, try coming up with your own licks.
-Use a light touch when playing the piano part. This song should have a nice, relaxed feel.
-Remember to swing! Jazz Me Blues is a great song to practice your swing feel.


We hope you enjoyed learning how to play Jazz Me Blues! This classic song is a great way to show off your skills on the piano, and we’re sure you’ll impress your friends and family with your renditions. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep at it and you’ll be playing like a pro in no time.

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