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If you’re looking for some great jazz music for trumpet, you’ve come to the right place! Check out our free printable sheet music.


Jazz music for trumpet is a great way to improve your playing. Printable sheet music can be found online, and this type of music can help you improve your skills.

Playing jazz music can be a great way to learn new techniques and improve your overall playing. Trumpet players who are looking for a challenge will enjoy trying to play jazz pieces.

There are many different types of jazz that you can learn to play on trumpet. You can find online resources that will teach you how to play different types of jazz, and you can also find printable sheet music for free online.

Playing jazz music on trumpet can be a great way to improve your skills and learn new techniques. If you want to challenge yourself, then you should try playing some trumpet jazz pieces.

What is Jazz Music?

Jazz is a musical art form that originated in the African-American communities of New Orleans, United States. It is characterized by blue notes, syncopation, swing, call and response, polyrhythms, and improvisation. Jazz has been called the purest expression of American democracy; a music built on individual and collective creativity, on a willingness to take risks, and an openness to change.

Origins of Jazz Music

The origins of Jazz Music can be traced back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the southern United States. The style of music emerged from a blending of African and European musical traditions.

Jazz music is characterized by a number of elements, including improvisation, syncopated rhythms, and a wide range of dynamics. The genre is also often associated with blues and Ragtime music.

Jazz music became popular in the 1920s and 1930s, with artists such as Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington becoming some of the most famous performers in the genre. In the 1940s and 1950s, bebop and cool jazz emerged as new styles of jazz music.

Today, jazz music is enjoyed all over the world, with many different subgenres having developed over time. Trumpet jazz is just one example of the many different types of jazz that exist today.

Characteristics of Jazz Music

Jazz is a type of music that originated in the United States in the early 1900s. It is a style of music that is characterized by its use of improvisation, or making up music as you go along. Jazz musicians often use blues scales and chord progressions when they are improvising. This type of music is usually played on brass and woodwind instruments, such as trumpets, saxophones, and trombones. It can also be played on piano, guitar, bass, and drums.

Jazz Music for Trumpet

Jazz music is a great way to improve your trumpet playing. It can be used to improve your improvisation skills, range, and tone. You can find a lot of free printable jazz music online.

Free Printable Jazz Music for Trumpet

Looking for some free printable jazz music for trumpet? Here’s a great selection of some of the best-loved jazz standards, perfect for playing at your next jam session! Simply click on the title to open up a PDF of the sheet music.

“A Night in Tunisia”
“All Blues”
“All of Me”
“Autumn Leaves”
“Baby Won’t You Please Come Home”
“Basin Street Blues”
“Beautiful Love”
“Blue Bossa”
“Blue Monk”
‘Body and Soul’
‘Come Rain or Come Shine’


Whether you’re a beginner trumpet player or have been playing for years, one of the best ways to improve your skills is to practice with good quality jazz music. Jazz music can be tricky to find, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite pieces specifically for trumpet.

One of the great things about jazz is that there is a wide range of styles to choose from, so whether you’re looking for something fast-paced and energetic or slow and soulful, you’re sure to find something that suits your mood. And, since trumpet is such a versatile instrument, you can also experiment with different genres and create your own unique sound.

Here are some of our top recommendations for jazz trumpet music:

“So What” by Miles Davis
“Maiden Voyage” by Herbie Hancock
“All Blues” by Miles Davis
“Take the ‘A’ Train” by Duke Ellington
“My Funny Valentine” by Chet Baker


I hope you enjoyed this jazz music for trumpet free printable. Jazz trumpeters are some of the most versatile and skilled musicians out there, and I think this genre of music is great for trumpet players of all levels. If you have any requests or questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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