Lincoln Commercial Features Jazz Music from Up-and-Coming Artist

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Lincoln’s new commercial features the smooth sounds of up-and-coming jazz artist, Miles Davis.


In a recent commercial for the Lincoln Motor Company, the company features jazz music from an up-and-coming artist. The commercial, which features the song “Start It Up” by the artist Khalid, is part of Lincoln’s “Let’s Chat” campaign.

The campaign, which launched in October of 2017, is designed to get people talking about Lincoln vehicles. The company has been releasing a series of ads that feature people talking about their experiences with Lincoln vehicles. The ads have featured a diverse range of people, including celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and fashion designer Rachel Zoe.

The Khalid commercial is the latest in the series, and it features a young man driving a Lincoln vehicle while listening to jazz music on the radio. The ad ends with the tagline “The Best Part of owning a Lincoln is who you become.”

The ad is designed to appeal to young adults who are interested in luxury vehicles. It is also intended to show that Lincoln is a company that is supportive of up-and-coming artists. This is evident in both the choice of artist and the use of jazz music in the commercial.

Lincoln’s target market

In this commercial, Lincoln is targeting a younger, hipper audience with its choice of music. The vehicle featured is the Lincoln MKC, which is a compact SUV. The commercial features the song “Putty” by up-and-coming artist Michael Kiwanuka.

The ad begins with a close-up of the Lincoln logo, followed by shots of the MKC driving through city streets. The camera then cuts to Kiwanuka playing the song on a stage in a club. The ad ends with a shot of the MKC parked in front of the club.

The music in this ad is intended to appeal to a younger audience who may be considering purchasing a Lincoln vehicle. The use of an up-and-coming artist is also intended to give the brand a more modern and hip image.

The new Lincoln commercial

The new Lincoln commercial features the music of up-and-coming jazz artist Mixed Emotions. The commercial, which is set to air during the Grammy Awards, highlights the luxurious features of the new Lincoln Continental.

Mixed Emotions is a band that is quickly gaining popularity in the jazz world. Their music has been featured on SiriusXM Radio and they have performed at prestigious venues such as the Blue Note Jazz Club and Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola.

The up-and-coming artist in the commercial

Lincoln recently released a new commercial featuring the original song “No Limit” by up-and-coming artist GACHI. The commercial, which is part of Lincoln’s “Live in Your Moment” campaign, features the 2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV.

GACHI is a Japanese-born, New York-based producer and DJ. His music has been featured on major television shows and films, including Netflix’s “Narcos” and HBO’s “Ballers.”

This is not the first time Lincoln has featured jazz music in its advertising. In 2017, the brand released a series of commercials featuring the song “Don’t Deny My Heart” by acclaimed jazz pianist and composer Robert Glasper.

Why this commercial is effective

There are a few reasons why this commercial is so effective. First, the music is catchy and upbeat, which helps to create a positive and uplifting mood. Second, the use of jazz music helps to give the commercial a unique and distinctive sound. This not only makes it more interesting to listen to, but it also helps to make the brand more memorable. Finally, the commercial features an up-and-coming artist, which gives it an air of exclusivity and prestige. By featuring jazz music from an up-and-coming artist, Lincoln is able to appeal to a wide range of consumers, both young and old.


In conclusion, Lincoln’s commercial featuring jazz music from an up-and-coming artist is both informative and formal. It is a great way to learn about the different types of roasts available, as well as the different flavor profiles that each roast has.

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