LA Psychedelic Rock Facebook Group

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Looking for a community of like-minded music lovers in Los Angeles? Check out the LA Psychedelic Rock Facebook group!


The LA Psychedelic Rock Facebook group is a community of music lovers who appreciate the psychedelic rock genre. This group is open to anyone in the Los Angeles area who enjoys psychedelic rock music, whether they’re a fan of the classic 60s bands or contemporary artists. The group hosts events, discussions, and meetsups, and is a great way to connect with fellow fans in the area.

History of the group

The LA Psychedelic Rock Facebook group was started in 2013 by two friends, Kasey and Alex. Both were interested in the Psychedelic Rock scene in Los Angeles, and saw a need for a central place where people could share information about shows and bands. The group quickly grew, and now has over 1,500 members. The group is a great place to connect with other fans of Psychedelic Rock in LA, and to find out about new bands and shows.

The group’s purpose

The LA Psychedelic Rock group is a private group on Facebook for those who love Psychedelic Rock music. The group was created for Los Angeles-based fans of the genre, but has since grown to include members from all over the world. The group’s purpose is to provide a space for fans of Psychedelic Rock to come together and share their love for the music. The group is moderated by a team of administrators who are passionate about the genre and committed to maintaining a positive and respectful community.

The group’s membership

The group’s membership is currently around 6,200 members and growing. The group is open to anyone interested in psychedelic rock music from Los Angeles, or any era for that matter. There are no rules about what can be posted, other than it has to be related to LA psychedelic rock in some way. The group’s administrators occasionally post about upcoming shows or events, but for the most part, it’s up to the members to keep the conversations going.

The group’s activities

The LA Psychedelic Rock Facebook group is a forum for fans of psychedelic rock music in the Los Angeles area to share information about upcoming shows, discuss their favorite bands, and connect with other like-minded music lovers. The group also hosts periodic meetups, where members can socialize and see live performances by local psychedelic rock bands.

The group’s impact

The LA Psychedelic Rock Facebook group is a community of music lovers who share their passion for psychedelia. The group was created in 2013 by two friends, Sean Nolan and Alex Lush, who were looking for a place to connect with others who shared their taste in music. The group has since grown to over 10,000 members and has become a hub for discussion about all things psychedelic.

The group has had a significant impact on the LA music scene, helping to promote and support local bands. In addition, the group has also been instrumental in organizing psychede

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