The Best Latin Music of 1980

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Looking for the best Latin music of 1980? Look no further than this blog post! We’ve compiled a list of the top tunes from the year, so you can enjoy some great music from a great era.


The 1980s were a time of great change in Latin music. With the advent of digital music production and the rise of MTV, Latin artists began to experiment with a wide range of new sounds and styles. From theParty-friendly pop of Gloria Estefan to the soulful ballads of Julio Iglesias, the 1980s saw a wide variety of Latin artists achieve mainstream success.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best Latin music of the 1980s. We’ll explore the various genres and subgenres that emerged during this decade, and we’ll highlight some of the biggest hits and most influential albums of the era. So whether you’re a fan of classic salsa or modern pop, this is the guide for you.

Best Latin Albums of 1980

1980 was a great year for Latin music, with many artists releasing groundbreaking albums that would go on to influence the Latin music scene for years to come. Here are some of the best Latin albums of 1980.

Tito Puente- Mambo Birdland

Mambo Birdland is a studio album by Tito Puente. It was released in 1980 on the Tico label. The album peaked at number two on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart.

Tito Puente is one of the most important musicians in Latin music history. He is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and bandleader who helped to popularize Afro-Cuban and Puerto Rican rhythms in the United States. He is also considered one of the godfathers of salsa music. Mambo Birdland is one of his most popular albums and features some of his best known songs, including “Oye Como Va” and “Aguanile”.

Celia Cruz- La Negra Tiene Tumbao

This album is a must-have for any fan of Celia Cruz. It features some of her best-known tracks, including “La Negra Tiene Tumbao” and “Bemba Colora”. It’s a great introduction to her work for anyone who isn’t familiar with her music, and fans will love revisiting these classics.

Willie Colon- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Willie Colon’s The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly topped Latin music critics’ polls as the best album of 1980. Willie’s return to socially conscious salsa (“No Me Den Candela,” “Calle Luna, Calle Sol”) and his collaborations with Hector Lavoe (“El Malo,” “El Baile del Suavecito”) resulted in some of the most urgently political and musically innovative salsa ever recorded.

Best Latin Songs of 1980

If you are a fan of Latin music, then you must check out the best Latin songs of 1980. This was a great year for Latin music with many talented artists releasing catchy and popular songs. Some of the best Latin songs of 1980 include “Oye Como Va” by Santana, “Conga” by Gloria Estefan, and “Mambo No. 5” by Lou Bega.

“Oye Como Va”- Tito Puente

This song was released in 1980 by Tito Puente and it quickly rose to the top of the Latin charts. It is a cover of a song originally performed by Latin jazz musician Carlos Santana. The song is a mix of Puerto Rican and Cuban rhythms, and it features Puente’s signature style of percussion. “Oye Como Va” is one of Puente’s most famous songs, and it has been covered by many other artists.

“La Negra Tiene Tumbao”- Celia Cruz

“La Negra Tiene Tumbao” is a song by Cuban singer Celia Cruz. It was released as a single in 2001 and won the Grammy Award for Best Salsa Performance. The song is about a black woman who is proud of her curves and her African heritage.

“The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”- Willie Colon

Willie Colon’s “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” was one of the most popular Latin songs of 1980. The song is about a man who is caught in the middle of a love triangle. The man is torn between two women, one who is good for him and one who is bad for him. The song was a huge hit in Latin America and helped to launch Colon’s career.


We’ve reached the end of our list of the best Latin music of 1980. We hope you’ve enjoyed listening to these great songs as much as we did. Latin music has come a long way since the 1980s, but these songs still hold a special place in our hearts.

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