Leftovers Season 2 Episode 8: The Opera Music

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The Leftovers season 2 episode 8, “The Opera Music,” was a heart-wrenching hour of television. The episode followed the Garveys as they attended an opera performance in New York City, and we saw the family come together and grieve in a beautiful way.


In the eighth episode of the second season of The Leftovers, the Garveys deal with some very intense stuff.

“The Garveys at Their Best” is the eighth episode of the second season of The Leftovers, and the 28th episode overall. It aired on HBO on December 6, 2015.

The episode was written by Damon Lindelof & Tom Perrotta and directed by Mimi Leder.

Recap of Last Episode

Last episode, Nora (Carrie Coon) found out that her favorite opera singer, Olivia (Jasmine Cephas Jones), had been killed. This caused Nora to fall into a deep depression and she began drinking heavily. Meanwhile, Kevin (Justin Theroux) and Jill (Margaret Qualley) continued their search for Evie (Jovan Adepo), but they were unsuccessful. Jill also began to suspect that Kevin was cheating on her with Nora.

This episode opens with a funeral for Olivia. Nora is still very upset and she gets drunk at the wake. Kevin tries to talk to her, but she pushes him away. Later, Nora visits a bar where she meets a man named Frank (Zachary Quinto). The two of them get talking and Frank tells Nora that he used to be an opera singer. This piques Nora’s interest and she asks Frank to sing for her. He does, and it’s beautiful.

After the funeral, Kevin and Jill find Evie’s backpack in the woods. They also find a dead body nearby. It’s unclear who the body is or how they died. Kevin and Jill take the body back to the police station, but they are unable to identify them.

The episode ends with Nora going to see Frank again at the bar. She tells him that she wants to hear him sing again and he agrees. As he sings, we see flashbacks of Evie’s life before she disappeared. These flashbacks reveal that Evie was living a secret life as a drug dealer.

The Opera Music

It was a cold winter’s night and the opera was in full swing. The music was beautiful, but it was the only thing that was keeping Leftovers Season 2 Episode 8: The Opera Music from being a complete disaster.

The Significance of Opera

Opera is a very important part of music. It tells a story and it has a lot of feeling to it. Originally, opera was performed in royal courts for kings and queens. Today, opera is performed all over the world for everyone to enjoy.

There are three main types of opera: comic opera, tragic opera, and mixed forms. Comic opera is lighthearted and often has a happy ending. Tragic opera is just the opposite – it deals with dark subjects and often ends unhappily. Mixed forms are a combination of the two.

Opera is usually sung in a foreign language, such as Italian or German. This is because operas were originally created for royalty who spoke these languages. However, many operas are now being sung in English so that everyone can enjoy them.

If you have never been to an opera, you should definitely try to see one! It will be an experience you will never forget.

The Plot of the Opera

The Opera Music is the eighth episode of the second season of the American television series Leftovers, which aired on November 29, 2015 on HBO. The episode was written by Patrick Somerville and directed by Mimi Leder.

In the episode, Nora (Carrie Coon) and Kevin (Justin Theroux) travel to Jardin to visit an old friend, while Matt (Christopher Eccleston) tries to reconnect with his father. Meanwhile, Laurie (Amy Brenneman) undergoes a religious experience.

The title of the episode refers to the fact that much of the episode is set at an opera house, where Kevin and Nora’s friend Scott (David Morse) is performing.

The Aftermath

The Leftovers Season 2 Finale ended with a time jump, which showed the Garveys three years into the future. Kevin was shown living in Jarden, Texas with Nora and their two kids. Jill was attending NYU and living with her boyfriend, Tom. And Laurie had moved on from her previous relationships and was now in a committed relationship with a man named John.

The episode began with Kevin and Nora’s son, Michael, going missing. This caused Kevin and Nora to search for him frantically. However, they were unable to find him. The episode then showed what each character was doing three years after the events of the first season.

Jill was shown to be attending NYU and living with her boyfriend Tom. She was also shown to be struggling with her mental health. Laurie had moved on from her previous relationships and was now in a committed relationship with John. Meg was shown to be living in a commune and had given birth to a baby girl.

The episode ended with Kevin finding Michael in his car. Michael then told Kevin that he saw him die in a car accident.


The final episode of the season was a space-Jammin’ exploration of the depths of human emotion, as the gang left their home town to pursue their musical dreams.

The impressive vocal performance by Steve Buscemi as he belted out show tunes was a surprising turn of events, and his range was truly impressive. The rest of the cast did a great job as well, with an particularly stand-out moment coming from Sarah Silverman as she wailed in pain after losing her beloved pet dog.

The music in this episode was top-notch, and it was great to see the characters come together to create something beautiful. It was a fitting conclusion to an enjoyable season.

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