Lisa McClendon’s New Soul Music CD

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Lisa McClendon’s new album, “The Great Divide,” is out now and it’s full of soulful, gospel-infused music that will lift your spirits. Check out our review and get a taste of Lisa’s incredible talent.


It’s been a long time coming, but Lisa McClendon’s new soul music CD is finally here! “Layers” is a collection of 11 brand new tracks that are sure to get your feet moving and your soul soaring. From the opening strains of the title track to the infectious groove of “Free,”Lisa McClendon has crafted a project that is sure to please both longtime fans and new listeners alike. So crank up the volume, kick back, and enjoy some of the best soul music around.

Lisa McClendon’s new soul music CD

Lisa McClendon’s new soul music CD, The Great Divide, is her best work yet. With hits like “Not Gon’ Cry” and “You’re the Only One,” the album is sure to take the top spot on the charts. Lisa’s powerful voice and moving lyrics will inspire and encourage listeners to follow their dreams.

The making of the CD

Lisa McClendon’s new soul music CD is a labor of love. It took her two years to write and produce the 13-track album, which is a mix of contemporary and classic soul.

The title track, “Ain’t No Sunshine,” is a cover of the Bill Withers classic. McClendon says she was inspired to record the song after hearing Withers perform it at the White House in 2015. “I just remember thinking, ‘Wow, this song is so relevant today,'” she recalls. “It’s about a relationship going bad, but it could also be about racial injustice or any number of other things.”

McClendon says she wanted to make an album that would speak to people’s hearts and minds. “I want my music to make you think, but I also want it to make you feel good,” she says. “I want it to lift your spirits.”

The first single from the album, “Not Gon’ Cry,” is already getting airplay onurban adult contemporary radio stations. McClendon says she hopes the song will inspire people who are going through a tough time. “It’s about being strong in the face of adversity,” she explains.

The album also includes a duet with R&B singer Anthony Hamilton on the ballad “All I Need.” McClendon says she was blown away when she heard Hamilton’s performance. “He took the song to a place I never could have imagined,” she says.

McClendon will be touring in support of the album throughout the year, with dates still to be announced.

The inspiration for the CD

Lisa McClendon’s new CD, “The Great Divide”, is inspired by the current state of the world. “There’s so much division – between races, peoples, religions. We’re all fighting and no one is really winning,” she says. “I wanted to write songs that would inspire people to come together and make a difference.” The title track, “The Great Divide”, is a haunting ballad with a message of hope. “There’s always been separation, but we’re starting to see that we’re more alike than we are different,” Lisa says. “It’s time for us to start working together to make this world a better place for everyone.”

The meaning of the CD

Lisa McClendon’s new soul music CD is called “The Meaning of the CD.” McClendonilla is a departure from McClendon’s previous gospel music. This time, Lisa focuses on love songs with a positive message. The first single from the album, “All I Need Is You,” is a ballad that celebrates finding true love.


In conclusion, if you are a fan of soul music, then you will definitely want to check out Lisa McClendon’s new CD. Her smooth, sultry voice is guaranteed to please, and her choice of material is sure to appeal to fans of all ages. With hits like “I Can’t Live Without You” and “Ain’t Nobody”, this CD is sure to become a mainstay in your soul music collection.

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