The LMFAO “Party Rock” Music Video

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The LMFAO “Party Rock” Music Video is a fun and festive way to get people in the party mood. The video features the group’s members, RedFoo and SkyBlu, in a variety of wacky costumes and dancing around in front of a club.


The LMFAO “Party Rock” music video is a fun, high-energy video that features the group’s signature brand of party-themed antics. The video follows the group as they perform in various locations around Los Angeles, including a nightclub, a beach, and a pool party. The video also features cameos from several celebrities, including Snoop Dogg, Lil Jon, and Chris Brown.

The Music Video

The LMFAO “Party Rock” music video is a high-energy, fun-filled video that will get your party started. Featuring the popular song by LMFAO, the music video features footage of the duo dancing and partying in various locations. The music video is sure to get your party started and keep you entertained.

The Making of the Video

LMFAO’s “Party Rock” music video was one of the most popular videos of 2011. The video was directed by Mickey Finnegan and features the group performing in a variety of outrageous costumes and venues.

The video was shot over the course of four days in Los Angeles. The first two days were spent filming at various locations around the city, including a warehouse, a bowling alley, and an abandoned hospital. The third day was spent filming at a nightclub, and the fourth day was spent filming at a beach.

The video features cameo appearances from a number of celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Usher,, and Christina Aguilera.

The Cast of the Video

The music video for LMFAO’s “Party Rock” was released in 2011 and featured several actors and actresses. The following is a list of the cast members in the order they appear in the video.

-SkyBlu: Son of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy, SkyBlu is one of the two members of LMFAO. In the video, he is seen dancing and performing with a variety of people.

-Redfoo: Redfoo is the other member of LMFAO and SkyBlu’s uncle. In the video, he is also seen dancing and performing with various people. He is wearing a variety of outrageous outfits, including a pair of suspenders withbuilt-in speakers that play music.

-Lauren Bennett: Lauren Bennett is a singer and model who appears in the video as one of the main partygoers. She is seen dancing with SkyBlu and Redfoo throughout the video.

-GoonRock: GoonRock is a producer and DJ who appears in the video as one of the main partygoers. He is seen dancing with SkyBlu and Redfoo throughout the video.

-Jenna Ushkowitz: Jenna Ushkowitz is an actress best known for her role as Tina Cohen-Chang on “Glee.” In the “Party Rock” video, she plays one of the partygoers who dances with SkyBlu and Redfoo.

The Location of the Video

The “Party Rock” music video was filmed in Los Angeles, California.

The Costumes in the Video

The costumes in the video are very bold and unique. They are all colorful and eye-catching. The most memorable costume is the one worn by RedFoo, which is a bright red leotard with tassels. The other members of the group also wear brightly colored costumes, but RedFoo’s is the most distinctive.

The Choreography in the Video

The LMFAO “Party Rock” music video is famous for its catchy beat and danceable choreography. The video features the group dancing in a variety of locations, including a club, a beach, and even on a moving train. The choreography is simple but effective, and it’s clear that the dancers are having a great time.

The Set Design in the Video

The set design is particularly important in the LMFAO “Party Rock” music video as it reinforces the party atmosphere of the song while also providing a number of visual gags. The most notable element of the set design is the use of mirror balls, which are used extensively throughout the video. In addition, the set includes a number of other objects that are associated with parties, such as streamers, balloons, and confetti. These elements combine to create a visually stimulating environment that matches the energy of the song.

The Lighting in the Video

The lighting in the LMFAO “Party Rock” music video is very unique. The colors are very bright and they change throughout the video. The lighting makes the video very fun to watch.

The Post-Production of the Video

The “Party Rock” music video was shot in two days in January 2011. Most of the video was shot at a warehouse in Los Angeles, with some shots taking place at a nightclub and on a soundstage.

Initially, the concept for the video was to have the band performing in front of a green screen, with the footage to be later composited with footage of a live concert. However, after seeing the footage of the band performing, director Megaforce decided that it would be better to shoot the entire video as a live performance.

The video was edited in post-production, with the final edit being completed in March 2011. The video features several visual effects, including time lapse footage and light painting.

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