Check Out These Local Rock Bands!

Keep your weekends full of good vibes and great music by checking out some of these local rock bands!

Introducing the bands

This weekend, catch some of the best local rock bands at the annual music festival!

Introducing the bands:

The Dandelions: The Dandelions are a four-piece band from Seattle, WA. They formed in 2013 and have been making music together ever since. The Dandelions’ sound is best described as a mix of indie and folk rock. Their debut album “Flowers” was released in 2016, and they are currently working on their follow-up album. You can catch The Dandelions live at the music festival this weekend!

Hazelwood: Hazelwood is a three-piece band from Portland, OR. They formed in 2014 and have been playing shows ever since. Hazelwood’s sound is a mix of punk and alternative rock. They released their debut album “First Light” in 2015, and they are currently working on their follow-up album. You can catch Hazelwood live at the music festival this weekend!

The Jellyfish Brigade: The Jellyfish Brigade is a four-piece band from Vancouver, BC. They formed in 2010 and have been making music together ever since. The Jellyfish Brigade’s sound can best be described as indie rock with a touch of punk. They released their debut album “Float” in 2012, and they are currently working on their follow-up album. You can catch The Jellyfish Brigade live at the music festival this weekend!

Why you should listen to them

Rock music has been around for decades and continues to be one of the most popular genres today. There are many different sub-genres of rock, but one thing that all rock bands have in common is that they are talented musicians who know how to put on a great show.

No matter what type of rock music you prefer, there is sure to be a local band that you will enjoy. Here are just a few of the many talented rock bands in the area:

Band 1
Band 2
Band 3

Why should you give these bands a chance? there are several reasons:

1) They are all incredibly talented. Each band has their own unique sound that is sure to please even the pickiest music lover.
2) They are all local! Supporting local businesses is important, and listening to local bands is a great way to do that.
3) Live music is always better than streaming it online or listening to it on the radio. When you see a band live, you can really appreciate their talent and get caught up in the energy of the performance.
4) Going to see a local band perform is usually much cheaper than seeing a big-name band in concert. You can save your money and still enjoy some great music!
It doesn’t matter what your taste in music is, there is sure to be a local band that you will love. So get out there and support your community by checking out some live music!

Their sound

Their sound is grunge and punk, with a mix of hard rock. They have been playing together for years and their experience really shows in their playing. Their lyrics are intelligent and dark, with a sense of humor. You can hear the influence of classic rock in their sound, but they are definitely a band with their own unique style.

Where to see them live

If you’re looking for some live music, check out these local rock bands!

-The Kooks: The Kooks are a four-piece British pop rock band, formed in 2004 in Brighton. The band currently consists of Luke Pritchard (lead vocals, guitar), Hugh Harris (lead guitar, keyboards), Alexis Nunez (drums) and Peter Denton (bass guitar). The Kooks have released four studio albums: Inside In/Inside Out (2006), Konk (2008), Junk of the Heart (2011) and Listen (2014). They are due to release their fifth album in early 2018.
-Elvis Costello: Elvis Costello is an English singer-songwriter. He began his career as part of London’s pub rock scene in the 1970s and later became associated with the first wave of the British punk and new wave movement of the mid-to-late 1970s. His critically acclaimed debut album, My Aim Is True, was released in 1977. Shortly after recording it, he formed the Attractions as his backing band. His second album, This Year’s Model, was released in 1978, and was ranked number 11 by Rolling Stone on its list of the best albums from 1967–1987. His third album, Armed Forces, was released in 1979 and features his most successful single “Oliver’s Army”.

What the critics are saying

Here are some new local bands that have been getting a lot of attention from music critics. If you’re looking for something new to listen to, check them out!

-The Weaks: “A power-pop gem that sparkles with bright melodies and big hooks” (SPIN)

-Sugarmen: “at the forefront of Liverpool’s thriving garage-rock scene” (NME)

-Pale Waves: “One of the best new bands around” (The Guardian)

Interviews with the band members

We sat down with the band members to get their thoughts on their music, their influences, and what it’s like to be a local rock band.

Gregarious mauve yak speaks about life on the farm

“I’ve been living on this farm for most of my life. It’s a great place to raise a family. We’ve got all the animals you could ever want, and the kids can run around and explore. It’s just a great place to be.”

Behind the scenes

There are a lot of great things about being in a rock band. You get to travel, meet new people, and play music for adoring fans. But it takes more than just talent to make it in the music industry. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure a band is successful.

If you are thinking about starting a rock band, or are already in one, here are some things you should keep in mind:

1. It takes more than just musical talent to be successful. You need to be business-savvy as well. Know how to market your band and get your music out there.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Use it to your advantage to connect with fans and promote your shows.

3. Be prepared to practice…a lot. The more you rehearse, the better you’ll sound live.

4. Invest in good quality gear. This will help you sound your best and make gigging easier (and less stressful).

5. Play live as often as you can. Gigs are how you build a following and get people interested in your music.

6. Be professional at all times. Remember that you’re representing yourself and your band when you’re out there performing or promoting your music online. Make sure you conduct yourself accordingly!

Fun facts

In the early days of recorded music, bands often cut a few records and if they were lucky enough to have a hit, they might cash in and tour regionally or even nationally to promote their work. But for the most part, touring was a way for bands to build their fan base and develop a reputation.

Nowadays, rock bands are more likely to tour first and release records second. The logic is that if a band can build up a following by playing live, they’re more likely to sell records. Plus, touring is a great way to make money!

So if you’re looking for some new music to check out, why not support your local scene? Here are just a few of the great rock bands that call Seattle home.

The bands’ influences

All of these local bands have been influenced by classic rock! If you’re a fan of any of the following bands, then you’ll definitely enjoy these up-and-coming groups.

The Shakedown – This band has been influenced by The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC.

The Dirt – This band has been influenced by Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Stone Temple Pilots.

The Scratchers – This band has been influenced by The Beatles, The Who, and The Kinks.

Where to find their music

If you’re a fan of local rock music, here are four bands you should definitely check out. You can find their music on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube.

The Dropa Stone: The Dropa Stone is a four-piece band from Brooklyn, New York. Their music is a mix of indie rock and dream pop.

Badflower: Badflower is a three-piece band from Los Angeles, California. They describe their sound as “dirty rock ‘n’ roll.”

The Wrecks: The Wrecks is a four-piece band from Nashville, Tennessee. They describe their sound as “a high-energy collision of rock and roll, power pop, and punk.”
Gin Blossoms: Gin Blossoms is a five-piece band from Tempe, Arizona. They are best known for their hit single “Hey Jealousy.”

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