Hard Rock Hallelujah: The Best of Lordi

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Looking for the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit? Look no further than Hard Rock Hallelujah: The Best of Lordi. This compilation album features some of the Finnish metal band’s most popular tracks, including “Hard Rock Hallelujah,” “Bringing Back the Balls to Rock,” and “Get Heavy.” So crank up the volume and let the headbanging begin!


Lordi is a Finnish heavy metal band that was formed in 1992 by Mr. Lordi. The band is known for their horror-themed stage costumes and their use of pyrotechnics. They have released eight studio albums, two live albums, and two compilations. “Hard Rock Hallelujah” is a compilation album that was released in 2006 and it features some of the band’s most popular songs.

The early years

Lordi is a Finnish heavy metal band from Rovaniemi. The band was formed in 1992 by Mr. Lordi, who is the lead singer and songwriter of the band. The other members of the band are Ox, Amen, Kita, and dance act Hella.

The band’s first album, Get Heavy, was released in 2002. The single “Hard Rock Hallelujah” was a hit in Finland and Germany, and the album went gold in Finland. In 2006, Lordi won the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Hard Rock Hallelujah”, making them the first heavy metal band to win the contest.

Lordi’s second album, The Arockalypse, was released in 2006. The singles “would you love a monsterman?” and “Bringing Back the Balls to Rock” were hits in Finland. The album went platinum in Finland.

In 2009, Lordi released their third album, Babez for Breakfast. The single ” HELP!” was a hit in Finland.

Lordi has released six albums: Get Heavy (2002), The Arockalypse (2006), Babez for Breakfast (2009), To Beast or Not to Beast (2013), Scare Force One (2014) and Monstereophonic: Theaterror vs Demonarchy (2016).

The breakthrough

Lordi’s breakthrough came in 2006 with their hit single “Hard Rock Hallelujah”, which brought them to public attention and made them the first Finnish band to win the Eurovision Song Contest. The song was a major hit in several European countries, reaching number one in Finland, Norway, Germany and Switzerland. It was also a top ten hit in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Ireland and Sweden.

The success

After the release of The Arockalypse, the band started to gain popularity in their home country. The album charted at number six on the Finnish Album Chart and was certified gold by the Finnish Association of Recorded Music. In May 2007, the band released the single “Hard Rock Hallelujah”, which went on to become one of their most successful singles. It charted at number one in Finland and Germany, and became the official anthem of Finnish Eurovision Song Contest 2006 winner Lordi. In September 2007, Arockalypse was certified double platinum in Finland.

The controversy

In September 2006, Lordi caused a minor media stir in Finland when they appeared on talk show Urpo ja Turpo clad in full monster regalia. The hosts were not expecting the band to appear in costume and were visibly shocked. The incident was widely reported in the Finnish press.

In May 2007, Lordi made headlines again when they appeared on the Finnish talk show Janne Tellerin iltapäivä wearing nothing but strategically placed electrical tape to cover their genitals. The show’s host, Janne Telleri, was not expecting the band to appear nude and was visibly shocked. The incident was widely reported in the Finnish press.

The present

In 2006, Lordi released their fourth album, The Arockalypse, in Finland. The first single from the album, “Hard Rock Hallelujah”, was a huge hit, and Lordi represented Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, Greece in May 2006. Performing last on the night, they won the contest with 292 points, breaking the record for the highest number of points ever received in the history of Eurovision.

The future

What does the future hold for Lordi? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain – they are a force to be reckoned with. With their unique blend of hard rock and metal, they have carved out a place for themselves in the music industry. They have released six studio albums, all of which have been well-received by fans and critics alike. Their live shows are legendary, and they always put on a great show. There is no doubt that Lordi is here to stay.

The legacy

Many people will remember the Finnish rock band Lordi for their 2006 Eurovision Song Contest victory with their song “Hard Rock Hallelujah”.

The band was formed in 1992 by Mr. Lordi (the band’s frontman, whose real name is Tomi Putaansuu) and drummer Samer Elbaz. The two had been playing together in various bands since the 1980s. In Lordi’s early years, the band went through line-up changes and released several demos and EPs that did not gain much attention. In 2002, guitarist Amen joined the band, followed by bassist Ox in 2003. With this line-up, the band released their first album, Get Heavy, in 2002. The album was a commercial success in Finland, and it also helped the band gain international attention.

In 2006, keyboardist Hella joined the band and they released their second album, The Arockalypse. This album featured their Eurovision-winning song “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. After their Eurovision victory, the band gained even more popularity and went on to release several more albums.

Lordi is now considered to be one of Finland’s most successful bands. They have sold over 3 million records worldwide and have won numerous awards, including multiple Finlandia Prizes (the most prestigious music award in Finland).

The influence

With their outrageousmonster costumes and horror movie theatrics, Finnish “shock rockers” Lordi caused an international sensation with their 2006 single, “Hard Rock Hallelujah.” The band’s theatrical take on the hard rock/heavy metal idiom harkened back to the early days of Kiss and Alice Cooper, and with their increased visibility, Lordi became one of the few 21st century metal bands to achieve widespread commercial success. Formed in 1992 by singer Mr. Lordi (a.k.a. Tomi Putaansuu) and guitarist Amen (a.k.a. Jussi Sydanmaanlakka), the group spent the better part of a decade honing their stage act before releasing their debut albumGet Heavy in 2002. Thanks in part to the support of Finnish radio station Helsingin Hullut (“The Helsinki crazies”), the album was a hit in their homeland, eventually going platinum; however, it would be another four years before Lordi broke through to a global audience.

The music

With hits like “Hard Rock Hallelujah,” “Would You Love a Monsterman?,” and “Get Heavy,” it’s easy to see why Lordi was such a sensation in their home country of Finland. The band’s unique blend of heavy metal and hard rock with elements of horror and the macabre caught the attention of the Finnish public, and soon Lordi was selling out arenas and topping the charts.

Now, with The Best of Lordi, fans can enjoy all their favorite songs from the band’s decade-long career in one collection. From early hits like “Get Heavy” and “Would You Love a Monsterman?” to more recent favorites like “Hard Rock Hallelujah” and “Bite It Like a Bulldog,” this compilation captures the best of Lordi’s music. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering the band, The Best of Lordi is a must-have for any metalhead’s collection.

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