MHW’s Heavy Boy Gun is Death Metal Music to My Ears

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If you’re a fan of death metal music, then you’ll love MHW’s Heavy Boy Gun. This gun is pure death metal music to my ears, and it’s sure to get your head banging.


Have you ever fired a gun that was so heavy it felt like death metal music to your ears? If not, then you haven’t experienced MHW’s Heavy Boy Gun. This gun is designed for those who want the most powerful weapon possible, and it definitely delivers on that front.

Despite its massive size and weight, the Heavy Boy Gun is surprisingly easy to handle thanks to its well-balanced design. It also has a surprisingly high rate of fire for a gun of its size, making it a truly formidable weapon.

If you’re looking for a gun that will make your enemies quiver in fear, then look no further than MHW’s Heavy Boy Gun.

What is the Heavy Boy Gun?

The Heavy Boy Gun is a massive machine gun that was added to MHW in the Iceborne expansion. This gun is absolutely massive, and it fires incredibly powerful rounds that can tear through monsters like nothing else. This gun is perfect for taking down the biggest and baddest monsters in the game, and it also happens to look absolutely awesome. If you’re looking for a gun that looks as good as it performs, then this is the gun for you.

The Heavy Boy Gun in Action

The Heavy Boy gun is a weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW). It is a large, slow-firing cannon that fires explosive rounds. It is primarily used for crowd control, and can be devastating when used against groups of monsters.

The Heavy Boy gun can be charged up to three levels. Each level increases the damage and area of effect of the explosions. The gun can also be fired while charging, which will release a smaller explosion.

The Heavy Boy gun is most effective when used against groups of monsters. It can also be used to break through monster parts, such as armor or plating.

The Heavy Boy gun cannot be used while moving, so it is important to find a good position before using it. The gun will also recoil when fired, so it is important to brace yourself before firing.

The Sound of the Heavy Boy Gun

The Heavy Boy gun is a massive piece of metal that just oozes death metal. It’s so big and intimidating that it’s hard to imagine anything else when you see it. The sound it makes when firing is a deep, guttural growl that just sounds like music to my ears. It’s the perfect weapon for taking down high-level monsters, and I just can’t get enough of it.


After testing out the Heavy Boy gun in various situations, I have come to the conclusion that this gun is death metal music to my ears. It is extremely effective at everything it does, from long range damage to close quarters crowd control. The only drawback is that it is a bit slow to fire, but the damage more than makes up for that. Overall, I highly recommend this gun to any MHW fan looking for a powerful weapon.

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