Middletown CT Singing Duo Performs Folk Music

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Middletown CT Singing Duo Performs Folk Music at Local Venues


Middletown CT singing duo, Amanda LaMotte and Joe DeCosmo, perform folk music together. They have been performing since 2010 and have released two albums. They will be performing at the Buttonwood Tree on September 9th at 8pm.

Middletown CT Singing Duo

Duo Performs Folk Music in Middletown CT. If you’re a fan of folk music, you’ll love this Middletown CT singing duo. They perform a mix of traditional and contemporary folk songs that are sure to get your toes tapping.

Who they are

Middletown CT singing duo, The Hubbard Brothers, have been performing together since they were children. The brothers, John and James, continue their musical tradition today by playing and singing a mix of original and traditional folk songs.

The Hubbard Brothers began their musical journey in their hometown of Middletown, Connecticut. They started by playing and singing at local events and venues, including farmer’s markets, churches, and community festivals. Over the years, their popularity grew and they began to play at larger venues in the surrounding area.

In addition to performing live, The Hubbard Brothers also write and record original songs. Their music has been featured on local radio stations and they have released two albums – “In Good Company” (2015) and “On the Edge of the World” (2017).

The Hubbard Brothers are known for their tight harmonies, masterful instrumentation, and captivating stage presence. They continue to bring their unique brand of folk music to new audiences all over the world.

What they do

Middletown CT Singing Duo consists of two members who sing and play folk music together. Their music is based in the Americana tradition, but they also draw inspiration from other genres, such as rock and country. They often play at local venues, such as coffeehouses and bars, but they have also performed at festivals and other events.

Their Music

Middletown CT Singing Duo Performs Folk Music and they have been playing together for over 10 years. they have a unique sound that sets them apart from other folk groups.


Folk music is a genre that traditionally includes songs passed down through Generations within a culture, as well as newly composed songs that reflect the traditions of that culture. The term “folk music” can refer to both traditional music and the modern genre of folk rock. Folk music is typically associated with acoustic instruments, but the genre has also incorporated electric instruments in more recent years.

Middletown CT Singing Duo Performs Folk Music
Dove & Boweevil is a Middletown, Connecticut-based duo who performs traditional and contemporary folk music. The duo consists of John Doyle on guitar and vocals and Eamon O’Leary on mandolin, bouzouki, and vocals. Doyle and O’Leary have been performing together since 2002, and they have released three albums: “The Road North” (2006), “Double Take” (2009), and “Into the Mystery” (2013).


John and Mary are a Americana/Folk duo from Middletown, CT. Their music is heavily influenced by the sounds of nature, as well as the works of Langston Hughes, Woody Guthrie, and Pete Seeger.

Their Performances

Middletown CT singing duo, Karen O’Connor and Tom Dunn, have been performing together for over fifteen years. They have a wide repertoire of folk music, ranging from traditional ballads to more modern songs. Their performances are always a hit with audiences, as they are able to connect with the audience and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


The Middletown CT folk music duo, Their Performances, have been performing together for venues all over the area for the past few years. They have performed at coffeehouses, bookstores, libraries, festivals, and even private parties.


The husband and wife duo of Craig and Peggy Stevens perform a wide variety of traditional and contemporary folk music from the United States and around the world. They have been singing together for over 35 years and have released 13 albums of original songs and covers. They are well known for their beautiful harmonies and intricate guitar work.


After watching the Middletown CT Singing Duo perform folk music, it is easy to see why they are gaining popularity in the area. Their voices blend together beautifully and their repertoire consists of both traditional and original songs. They have a true passion for music and it shows in their performances. If you are looking for a talented duo to entertain at your next event, be sure to check out the Middletown CT Singing Duo.

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