Taxi Driver Interviews the Blues Man

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In this series of interviews, taxi driver Mike talks to some of the most interesting people he’s ever met: the blues musicians he’s driven around New York City.


In this interview, the taxi driver talks to the blues man about his life and his music. The taxi driver asks the blues man how he got into music, what his favorite music is, and what he thinks about the current state of the music industry. The taxi driver also asks the blues man about his views on race and racism, and how he feels about being a black musician in today’s world.

The taxi driver’s story

I was driving my taxi one night about a month ago when I picked up this fare, an older black gentleman, in his 60s I would say. He was well-dressed, had a nice hat and cane, and he spoke with a soft Southern accent. He told me he was in town for a music festival and asked if I knew of any good places to hear live music. I told him that there was a great blues club not too far from where we were.

He said that sounded perfect, so I took him there. As we walked in, the band was just starting to play and I could tell he was really enjoying the music. He tapped his foot along with the beat and nodded his head as he listened. After a few songs, he leaned over and asked me if I wanted to join him for a drink. I explained that I couldn’t because I was working, but he insisted and said it would be my treat.

So I agreed, and we went to the bar. We chatted for a while and had a few drinks, and then he asked me if I wanted to hear something really special. He told me he used to be a blues musician himself and had once played with some of the greats. He said he still had his saxophone in the trunk of my taxi and would love to play me a song.

I was hesitant at first, but then he started playing and I was blown away. His playing was so passionate and soulful, and it gave me goosebumps. When he finished, everyone in the bar applauded him and bought him drinks all night long. It was an incredible experience, and I’m so glad I got to meet this amazing man.

The blues man’s story

The blues man’s story is one of never giving up in the face of adversity. He struggled against the odds to become one of the most respected musicians in the world. Despite being born into poverty, he rose to prominence as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. His music has influenced generations of artists and continues to inspire people all over the world.

The taxi driver’s reaction

When the taxi driver first sees the blues man, he is a little taken aback. He’s not used to seeing someone so dirty and disheveled-looking in his cab. But he’s a professional, so he doesn’t say anything. He just quietly asks the man where he’s going.

The blues man starts talking, and the taxi driver quickly realizes that this is no ordinary fare. The man is clearly intelligent and well-spoken, despite his appearance. He talks about the blues scene in New Orleans, and the taxi driver finds himself getting more and more interested.

By the time they reach the blues man’s destination, the taxi driver is regretting that he didn’t ask for a longer ride. He would have loved to continue talking to this fascinating individual. As it is, he simply thanks the man for his interesting conversation, and wishes him well.

The taxi driver’s conclusion

The taxi driver’s conclusion was that the blues man was a great musician who had a lot of soul. He said that he loved the blues man’s music and thought that he was a very talented musician.

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