The Best of Dubstep Music in 2015

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Check out our top picks for the best dubstep tunes of 2015. From classics to new hits, these songs will get you pumped up and ready to rage.


The best dubstep music of 2015 was a mix of old and new, with some classic anthems getting remixed and re-released, and some fresh tracks emerging as the year progressed. Below is a list of 10 of the best dubstep tracks of 2015.

1. ‘Get Low’ – Yellow Claw
2. ‘Friction’ – What So Not
3. ‘Innerbloom’ – Rufus du Sol
4. ‘Troy’ – Zeds Dead
5. ‘Stranger Things’ – Eleven Remix
6. ‘Delta V’ – Borealis
7. ‘Ultima Ratio Regum’ – Noisia Remix
8. ‘Disconnected’ – Virtual Riot Remix
9. ‘Lion City’ – Rockwell Remix
10. ‘Dead Limit’ – The Upbeats

What is Dubstep?

Dubstep is a type of electronic dance music that originated in South London in the late 1990s. It is characterized by sparse, syncopated drum and percussion patterns with bass lines that contain prominent sub-bass frequencies. Dubstep tracks are often created using a wide variety of digital audio workstations.

The Best Dubstep Songs of 2015

The best dubstep music of 2015 was a massive celebration of the genre, with even bigger and better tracks than ever before. This was the year that finally saw dubstep establish itself as a truly global phenomenon, with artists from all corners of the world contributing to its explosive growth.

From bass-heavy bangers to euphoric anthems, 2015 was a big year for dubstep. Here are our picks for the best dubstep songs of the year:

1. Excision & The Wink – “Bring it Back”
2. Skream – “10 Bit Dreams”
3. Flux Pavilion – “Emotional”
4. Nero – “Two Minds” (feat. Alana)
5. Zeds Dead – “Blink”
6. Seven Lions – “Stranger Things” (feat. Tove Lo)
7. 12th Planet & Switches – “Back Again” (feat. LAXX)
8. Pegboard Nerds – “Speed of Light” (feat. Elizaveta)
9. Noisia & The Upbeats – “Dead Limit”
10. Virtual Riot – “Presence”

The Future of Dubstep Music

In the 2010s, dubstep was frequently used as a drop in many different types of electronic dance music. The style continued to grow in popularity, with DJs and producers often experimenting with different sounds and tempos. In 2015, dubstep music underwent a bit of a renaissance, with many artists pushing the genre in new and innovative directions.

One of the most influential dubstep tracks of 2015 was “UMA” by British producer Alix Perez. The track, which was released on Perez’s “Shades of Light” EP, featured a dark, atmospheric sound that was quite different from anything else that had been released in the genre up to that point. “UMA” helped to cement Perez as one of the most innovative producers in dubstep and paved the way for other artists to experiment with similar sounds.

Another key track from 2015 was “Inertia” by American duo Darkside. The track, which was released on Darkside’s critically acclaimed album “Psychic”, incorporated elements of techno and house into its dubstep foundation, resulting in a unique and catchy sound. “Inertia” received widespread support from DJs and fans alike, solidifying Darkside as one of the leading forces in progressive dubstep.

Finally, Canadian producer Zeds Dead released their track “Collapse 2.0” in 2015, which featured vocals from Memorecks. The track signified a shift towards a more melodic sound in dubstep, compared to the previous year’s releases which tended to be darker and more atmospheric. “Collapse 2.0” would go on to become one of Zeds Dead’s most popular tracks, cementing their place as one of the biggest names in dubstep music.

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