Music Video: Cutting Plastic Things to Dubstep

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Watch a music video of me cutting plastic things to dubstep. It’s oddly satisfying and will get your head bobbing.


In this video, we see a person cutting various plastic objects to the beat of a dubstep song. The video is set in a dark room with only a light shining on the person and the objects they are cutting. The video is shot in slow motion, which makes the cuts appear more dramatic.

What You Need

-A plastic item to cut
-A sharp knife
-A cutting board
-Safety goggles
-A dubstep song

The Process

We planned to film the cutting and melting process of various plastic things set to dubstep. We also wanted to have some creative shots in there too, like shooting through a fish tank or using a projector to give the illusion that the plastic was being cut in mid air.

We filmed everything in my kitchen because it has the best lighting. We started by filming the cutting process, which took a few hours. We then filmed the melting process, which took another few hours.

Once we had all the footage, we spent a day editing it all together. We added some graphics and effects, and made sure that everything was synced up with the music.

The final product is a pretty cool music video that we’re really proud of!

The Results

After cutting up the plastic and setting it to dubstep, we ended up with a music video that was both weird and strangely satisfying. The plastic looked like it was alive, and the dubstep added an element of menace to the proceedings. The overall effect was oddly hypnotic, and we can see why people would spend hours watching this kind of thing.


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