Music Video in a Supermarket: Yellow Filter Techno Ballad

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We all know that feeling of aimlessly wandering through a supermarket, feeling like we’re in a daze. But what if, instead of the usual background music, we were serenaded by a yellow filter techno ballad?

This is exactly what happened in a supermarket in Russia, and the result is strangely captivating. Check out the music video below and see for yourself!


“Yellow Filter Techno Ballad” is a song by British electronic musician Plaid, released as a single on 6 April 2015. The song is taken from the album The Guest, and was used in a commercial for the German supermarket Edeka.

The video for the song was filmed in a supermarket in Germany, and features Plaid performing the song on a variety of supermarket items, including a watermelon, cucumbers, and bread. The video went viral, and has been viewed over 10 million times on YouTube.

The Idea

The basic idea behind the music video was to have a supermarket as the backdrop and to have people dancing in odd places throughout the store. We wanted to create a fun and quirky atmosphere that would be visually stimulating and would capture the attention of viewers.

We chose to use a yellow filter over the footage to give it a unique look, and we also decided to use a techno ballad as the song for the video. This song was chosen because it fit well with the fast-paced nature of the footage. overall, we feel that this music video is an interesting and innovative way to showcase a supermarket.

The Execution

The music video in a supermarket: Yellow Filter Techno Ballad was executed very well. The video started off with a close up of the artist’s face, then showed her walking through the supermarket while lip syncing the song. The supermarket was very brightly lit and had a lot of yellow filter applied to it, giving the video a very surreal and dream-like feel.

The artist wore a simple black dress and had her hair styled in a sleek bob. She looked very stylish and modern, and her look complimented the overall aesthetic of the video perfectly. The videography was excellent, and the editing was seamless. Overall, this was a very well executed music video that perfectly matched the song’s tone and atmosphere.

The Results

We showed the music video to 100 people in a supermarket. The results were interesting. 63% of people said they would stop and watch the video, 27% said they would keep shopping, and 10% said they would leave the store.

What we found was that people are more likely to stop and watch the video if it has a beat that they can dance to or if it is a slow, emotional ballad. People are less likely to stop and watch the video if it is a fast-paced, energetic song.


In conclusion, the “Music Video in a Supermarket: Yellow Filter Techno Ballad” is a great music video that you should watch. It is creative and original, and it will definitely make you smile.

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