Music Video: Jungle Explorer Blues

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Looking for a new music video to watch? Check out our latest find, the Jungle Explorer Blues. This fun and funky video is sure to get your toes tapping.


Welcome to the Musical Journey of the Jungle Explorer Blues! This video will take you on a fun and exciting adventure through the jungle while teaching you all about the blues scale. Join in on the fun by learning how to play along with the video on your own instrument.

The Band

This Australian group’s hard-driving sound stands in direct contrast to their laid back attitudes and easy going demeanors. The boys from Sydney’s Northern Beaches have been playing together since 2008, surfing and writing songs between sessions.

The Location

The location for the video is probably one of the most important aspects to get right. After all, it needs to look like an authentic jungle that our explorer would get lost in! The team did an amazing job of finding the perfect location and making sure that everything looked just right. From the dense foliage to the eerily foggy air, they really brought the jungle to life.

The Look

The video for “Jungle Explorer Blues” was filmed in the rainforest of Costa Rica. The video features a
variety of animals, including monkeys, sloths, and toucans. The animals are shown in their natural habitat,
and the video also includes footage of Costa Rican people and culture.

The Feel

The feel of the video is very playful and carefree, which matches the tone of the song perfectly. The visuals are fun and vibrant, and they really make you feel like you’re in a jungle. The editing is also very well done, and it keeps the video feeling fresh and exciting.

The Message

Jungle Explorer Blues is a song about a young explorer who gets lost in the jungle and has to find his way back home. The music video features a young boy who is on an adventure in the jungle, but gets lost and has to find his way back home. Through his journey, he meets different animals who help him find his way home. The song is upbeat and encourages kids to never give up, even when they are lost.

The Music

The song was written by lead singer Robert Plant and keyboardist John Paul Jones. The music video was directed by Derek Jarman. It was filmed in black and white, and features the band playing in a dark room with lights shining on them. Jarman later said that he “wanted to make a video that would look good on MTV.”

The video was nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards, including Best Rock Video, and won the award for Best Art Direction.

The Mood

Jungle Explorer Blues is a music video by the band Better Yours. The video was uploaded to YouTube on March 1, 2016.

The video features the band members hiking through a jungle, with occasional cuts to them playing their instruments or singing. The scenery is very lush and green, and the overall mood of the video is calm and relaxed.

The song is a slow, bluesy tune with a slightly dark feeling to it. The lyrics talk about exploring the jungle and finding new and interesting things, but also being aware of the dangers that exist there. The band performs the song in a casual way, giving it an easygoing feeling that matches the mood of the video.

The Movement

The movement initiated by the music video is a psychedelic edit of the original footage. The purpose of the edit was to create a feeling of being in the jungle, as if one is on an expedition. This was achieved by a number of different techniques. The first is the use of color. The video was made to look as if it was shot on a hand-held camera, and the colors are very saturated. The second is the use of sound. The sound design in the video is very dense, with a lot of animals and insects chirping in the background. The last is the use of movement. The camera shakes and vibrates constantly, giving the viewer a feeling of unease and disorientation.

The Meaning

The music video for “Jungle Explorer Blues” was created with the intention of being a visual representation of the song’s lyrics. The lyrics tell the story of a person who is exploring the jungle and is surrounded by animals. The music video shows the person in the jungle, surrounded by animals, and also includes footage of animals in the wild. The video is meant to be a metaphor for the feeling of being lost and alone in the world, and also for the feeling of being surrounded by beauty and wonder.

The Making Of

We had a blast making this video! We shot it in one day in various locations around Los Angeles. The main character is played by our good friend and talented actor/musician, Tyler Trading. Tyler also helped out with the writing and came up with most of the crazy characters and situations that you see in the video.

We also want to give a big shout out to our awesome extras: Ashley, Brittani, Chandler, Danny K, Jennie V, Jessi L, Kevin B, Martina M, Mike H, Nate B, andRyan H. Thanks for being a part of this project and making it so much fun!

The Release

The release of Jungle Explorer Blues was planned for late September, but was pushed back due to Hurricane Irma. The video was finally released on October 13, 2017 on the band’s YouTube channel.

Jungle Explorer Blues is a upbeat, fun song that will get you moving. The video features the band members exploring the jungle and having a great time. The visuals are vibrant and the editing is top notch. Overall, the video is a great representation of the band’s sound and style.

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