Music Video of Girl in Car Going Up Mountain Techno

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Looking for a great music video to get you pumped up for your next road trip? Check out this awesome video of a girl driving up a mountain to some techno music. It’s sure to get your heart racing!



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The Concept

The basic concept of the music video is a girl driving up a mountain in her car. The video is filmed in first person, so the viewer feels as if they are in the car with the girl. As she drives, she listens to techno music and the video shows her enjoying the music and dancing in her seat. At the end of the video, she reaches the top of the mountain and looks out at the view. The video is meant to be fun and upbeat, and it shows how music can bring joy to someone’s day.

The Music

The music in the video is a remix of the song “Mountain” by the band Girl in Car. The remix was created by the YouTube user “thesquidizzy.” The original song can be found on the band’s debut album, “I Drive.”

The Video

The video opens with a girl driving a car up a winding mountain road. The scenery is beautiful, with the sun shining and the trees and rocks glowing in the light. The girl is happy, singing along to the techno music that’s playing on the car stereo. As she drives, she looks in the rearview mirror and sees a truck following her. The truck seems to be gaining on her, so she speeds up. Suddenly, the truck pulls alongside her and tries to push her off the road! The girl fights back, veering back and forth across the road to avoid being pushed off. Finally, she makes it to the top of the mountain and pulls over, safe and sound. The video ends with a shot of the girl smiling and waving at the camera.


In conclusion, the music video of Girl in Car Going Up Mountain Techno is a creative and innovative work that showcases the artist’s unique talents. The video is well-shot and edited, and the music is catchy and enjoyable. If you’re a fan of electronic music, or even if you’re just looking for something new and different, this video is definitely worth checking out.

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