Nautical Music: The Best Instrumental Songs

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Nautical Music: The Best Instrumental Songs by the Sea. The best way to enjoy the ocean is by listening to the best nautical music.


Music has always been an important part of maritime culture, and it continues to be so today. There are many different types of nautical music, from traditional shanties and sea songs to more modern pieces. Nautical music can be performed on a variety of instruments, including guitars, drums, keyboards, and even accordions. It is often upbeat and lively, making it perfect for maritime settings.

There are a number of popular nautical songs that are often played on ships and in ports around the world. “The Wellerman” is a traditional New Zealand sea shanty that was written in the 19th century. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is a popular song from South Africa that has been adapted for nautical use. “Iko Iko” is a traditional song from New Orleans that has been popularized by many performers, including the Grateful Dead. “Classical Gas” is an instrumental piece by American composer Mason Williams that has been widely adapted for nautical use.

Nautical music can be used for a variety of purposes, from entertaining sailors to providing background ambiance for maritime settings. It is often used as background music for movies and television shows set in maritime settings. It can also be used for educational purposes, such as teaching navigation or seamanship. Nautical music can also simply be enjoyed for its own sake, as it is often quite enjoyable to listen to.

What is Nautical Music?

Nautical music is a genre of music that is based on or inspired by the sea, sailors, sailing, and ships. This type of music often has a peaceful and calming feeling, and it can be used for relaxation or meditation. Nautical music can be instrumental or vocal, and it often features the sounds of seagulls, waves crashing on the shore, and the wind blowing through the sails. This type of music is often associated with the maritime culture, and it can be heard in many different countries around the world.

The Best Instrumental Songs

There are many great instrumental songs out there that evoke the feeling of being on the open sea. Whether it’s the sound of waves crashing against the hull of a ship, or the vastness of the ocean horizon, these songs have a way of transport you to another place.

If you’re looking for some great nautical music to add to your playlist, here are some of our favorites:

1. “The Storm” by Brian Crain
2. “Ocean Drive” by Lighthouse Family
3. “Sailing” by Christopher Cross
4. “ Endless Summer Nights” by Richard Marx
5. “By the Sea” by Sade
6. “Kokomo” by The Beach Boys
7. “Island in the Sun” by Weezer
8. “Yellow” by Coldplay
9. “The Voyage” by Celtic Thunder
10. “Tennessee Waltz” by Patti Page

The Benefits of Nautical Music

There are many benefits to Nautical Music including:
-The ability to set the tone for your event
-The ability to create an ambiance
-The ability to provide a romantic setting
-The ability to provide a relaxing setting
-The ability to provide a fun setting
-The ability to provide an elegant setting

How to Use Nautical Music

Nautical music is a perfect way to set the mood on a boat, whether you’re sailing, cruising, or just relaxing on the deck. The best nautical music is calm and relaxing, with a few upbeat tunes mixed in to keep things interesting.

Here are some tips for how to use nautical music to create the perfect atmosphere onboard:

-Start with some calm, relaxing tunes to set the mood. classical or acoustic guitar pieces are perfect for this.

-As the day goes on and things start to heat up, mix in some upbeat tracks to keep everyone’s energy up. Popular choices include reggae and calypso music.

-In the evening, wind down with some slower tunes as the sun sets. Jazz or easy listening music is perfect for this.

-If you’re planning on dancing onboard, make sure to have a good mix of fast and slow songs so everyone can enjoy themselves.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create the perfect nautical playlist for any occasion!


In conclusion, the best nautical music is the kind that makes you feel like you’re out on the open water. Whether it’s the sound of waves crashing against the hull of a ship, or the gentle lapping of water against the shore, these songs will transport you to a different place and time.

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