Nick Offerman’s American Ham Music Credits Include Grunge

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If you’re a fan of Nick Offerman, you might be interested to know that his American Ham music credits include grunge. That’s right, the man who brought us Ron Swanson played a role in the grunge scene.

American Ham

Nick Offerman’s American Ham music credits include grunge supergroup Mudhoney, as well as other Seattle-based bands. The album, which was released in 2014, is a collection of live performances from Offerman’s one-man show of the same name.

What is American Ham?

American ham is a type of cured ham that is typically made from pork that has been smoked and/or cured. It is usually salty and savory with a slightly sweet flavor. There are many different brands and varieties of American ham available, and it can be found in most supermarkets.

Who is Nick Offerman?

Nick Offerman is an American actor, comedian, writer and producer. He is best known for his role as Ron Swanson in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. Offerman also has appeared in a number of films, including The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005), Blades of Glory (2007), Sin City (2014) and The Lego Movie (2014). He currently stars in the FX comedy series Fargo.

Music Credits

nick offerman’s American ham music credits have been a subject of discussion among fans for years. Some believe that the actor’s work on the popular show Parks and Recreation is what led to his involvement in the grunge music scene.

American Ham Music Credits Include Grunge

In addition to his iconic role as Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, Nick Offerman is also a talented musician. He’s released two albums of folk and Americana music, and his latest project is a credits song for the new independent film American Ham.

The song, which is titled “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” is a cover of the Proclaimers’ classic hit. Offerman partnered with film composer Andrew Feltenstein to create the song, which he says was inspired by the film’s grunge-Influenced aesthetic.

“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” is available for streaming on Spotify, and you can check out the official music video below. American Ham will be released in theaters on December 12th.

Offerman’s American Ham Music Credits Include Punk

Nick Offerman, best known for his role as Ron Swanson on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” is no stranger to the punk scene. In addition to playing in a punk band called Offerman Rye during his college years, he also has a long list of music credits to his name.

Offerman has appeared in several films and TV shows with punk rock soundtracks, including “SLC Punk,” “Dazed and Confused,” “The Black Keys: Live at the Crystal Ballroom” and “American Ham.” He also released a split 7-inch with indie folk singer John Prine in 2016.

In addition to his work in film and television, Offerman is an accomplished musician. He plays the bassoon, tuba, saxophone, guitar and piano.

Offerman’s American Ham Music Credits Include Country

Nick Offerman, who plays the titular character in American Ham, has revealed that the music credits for the film include country, grunge, and even some classical music.

Offerman told Vulture that the American Ham soundtrack includes music by Johnny Cash, Nirvana, and Beethoven. “We definitely wanted to mix it up,” Offerman said of the film’s eclectic soundtrack.

Offerman also revealed that the American Ham score was composed by Nathan Barr, who has previously worked on films such as True Blood and The Hateful Eight.


So in conclusion, Offerman’s American Ham includes many musical styles such as Grunge, Hip-Hop, and Folk. It is a great album for fans of any of those genres, and it is a great example of how an actor can branch out and be successful in another field.

American Ham is a great film

American Ham is a great film. It is a must see for any fans of Nick Offerman or Grunge music. The film’s credits include some of the biggest names in Grunge, including Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, and Chris Cornell.

Offerman’s American Ham music credits are impressive

Nick Offerman’s American Ham music credits are truly impressive. He’s not just a talented musician, but he’s also a great actor and comedian. He’s appeared in films like “Anchorman” and “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, and he’s also starred in his own TV show, “Parks and Recreation”. In addition to his acting and comedy credits, Offerman is also an accomplished musician. He plays the bass guitar in the grunge band Kings of Leon, and he’s also played in the punk band NOFX.

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