Norwegian Folk Music Instruments You Need to Know About

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Traditional Norwegian folk music is rich and varied, and it’s instruments are an integral part of the sound. In this post, we’ll introduce you to some of the key Norwegian folk music instruments.

Hardanger fiddle

The Hardanger fiddle is a type of fiddle found in Norway. It is unique in that it has four strings instead of the usual three found on a typical violin. The extra string is used to produce a drones or sympathetic vibrations, which gives the fiddle its characteristic sound. The fiddle is often seen as a symbol of Norwegian folk music and culture.


The seljefløyte, also known as a willow flute or droned flute, is a Norwegian Folk Music instrument made from the branch of a willow tree. TheSeljefløyte has a simple, elegant design and is easy to play. It is often used as an accompaniment to singing and dancing.


Kveding is a Norwegian folk music style performed on the Hardanger fiddle. The music is characteristically joyful and lively, with a strong rhythm provided by the fiddle and accompanied by the sound of sleigh bells.

Norwegian Folk Music Instruments You Need to Know About


Also known as a hardanger fiddle, the Hardingfele is a string instrument from Norway with a elegant design and unique sound. The instrument has a pear-shaped body with four or five strings and is played with a bow. It’s most commonly used in Norwegian folk music, but can also be heard in jazz and classical music.


Drengsrud is a five-stringed lyre from Norway. It is played with a bow, and has a sound that is similar to a violin. The drengsrud is often used in traditional Norwegian folk music, and has a wide range of capabilities when it comes to playing different styles of music.


The buldre is a Norwegian folk music instrument that is similar to the fiddle. It is often used in folk music from Norway and Sweden. The buldre is played with a bow, and has a round body with four strings. It is held between the knees like a cello, and is played while sitting.


The Langeleik is a Norwegian folk music instrument that is similar to a zither. It has between 15 and 20 strings, which are plucked with the fingers. The Langeleik originated in the valley of Telemark, Norway in the 18th century.

willow flute

The willow flute is a type of flute that is native to Norway. It is made out of a willow tree and has a unique sound that is unlike any other type of flute.

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