Now I Can See- Psychedelic Rock Song Lyrics

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Now I Can See is a psychedelic rock song with lyrics that speak to the power of drugs to expand one’s consciousness. The lyrics are written in a first person perspective, and they detail the narrator’s experience of taking LSD for the first time. The song is written in a major key and has a driving, upbeat tempo that makes it perfect for rocking out.


In 1968, The psychedelic rock band, The Doors, released their iconic song, “Now I Can See.” The song is a trippy, mind-bending journey into the unknown, and it’s one of the band’s most popular songs. The lyrics are full of images and references to drugs and mental states, making it a perfect song for any psychedelic enthusiast.


Now I can see the colors in the sky,

The lyrics

Psychedelic rock came to prominence in the late 1960s and early 1970s, with bands like Pink Floyd, the Doors, and the Grateful Dead experimenting with mind-expanding drugs like LSD to create new sounds and experience new levels of consciousness. The lyrics of these songs often reflected the altered state of mind that was induced by the drugs, with themes of love, peace, and unity interwoven with images of acid trips, hallucinations, and fantasies.

Now I can see
Everything is in slow motion
The colors are so bright
And the world is one big ocean

I’m swimming in a sea of love
And I never want to come up for air
This is where I belong
In a world where nothing is real

Everything is so beautiful
And I don’t know where to begin
There’s so much to see
And I don’t want to miss a thing

The music

The music of “Now I Can See” is built around a simple, folky acoustic guitar line, with elements of psychedelic and garage rock thrown in. The song features a number of different musical ideas and changes, including an electric guitar solo and a section where the lyrics are repeated over and over again in a hypnotic fashion. The overall effect is that of a song that is both catchy and experimental, with a trippy feel that will appeal to fans of psychedelic music.


In conclusion, this song is about the psychedelic experience and how it can change your perspective. The lyrics talk about how the narrator has been able to see things more clearly since taking psychedelics. The song is positive and upbeat, with a message of hope and change.

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