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The Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago has a great music schedule. Check it out and see what’s coming up.

Upcoming Concerts

Here is a list of upcoming concerts at the Old Town School of Folk Music. Click on a date to see more information about the concert, including the performers and tickets.

7/3 – Ryley Walker
7/10 – The Lemon Twigs
7/17 – Wild Reeds
7/24 – Kikagaku Moyo

Workshops and Classes

Family Events

Old Town School of Folk Music is a great place for family fun! They offer a variety music events and workshops perfect for kids and adults of all ages.

Some of their upcoming family events include:
-Kids Make Music: Winter Session I
-Folk Family Singalong with Larry Kerschner
-Tiny Tots Sports & Fitness with Boogie Babies
-Elementary Music Together: Winter Session I
-Kids Make Hip Hop: Winter Session I
-Family Folk Camp

Free Events

Folk music is a genre of music that typically uses acoustic instruments and covers topics ranging from love and loss to social issues. The Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago offers a variety of free events for those interested in this type of music.

Some of the free events that the Old Town School of Folk Music offers include concerts, sing-alongs, square dances, and more. Concerts are usually held on Friday and Saturday nights, and they feature a variety of folk musicians. Sing-alongs are held on Wednesday nights, and they provide an opportunity for participants to sing along with folk songs. Square dances are held on select evenings, and they offer an opportunity to learn how to square dance or simply enjoy watching others square dance.

The Old Town School of Folk Music also offers a variety of other events for a fee. These events include workshops, classes, jams sessions, and more. Workshops cover topics such as songwriting, singing, instrument playing, and more. Classes are usually focused on one particular aspect of folk music or one particular instrument. Jams sessions provide an opportunity for musicians to get together and play folk music together.

Whether you’re interested in attending a concert, taking a class, or justJamming out with some friends, the Old Town School of Folk Music has something for everyone.

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