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Looking for a place to enjoy some opera music? Check out our list of the best opera houses near you. From the grandeur of the Metropolitan Opera to the intimacy of your local community theater, you’re sure to find the perfect setting for a night of opera enjoyment.


Opera is a musical art form in which singers perform operatic works (called operas) that include an accompaniment of instruments. These works are usually in dramatic form and are generally characterized by extended musical sections (arias) as well as recitative sections. Opera originated in Italy during the Renaissance and has since spread to other parts of the world.

If you’re interested in finding opera music near you, there are a few different ways to go about it. One option is to check with your local performing arts organization or opera house. Many of these organizations offer opera performances on a regular basis, and they may also be able to provide information about other opera performances in your area.

Another option is to search for opera music online. There are a number of websites that list upcoming opera performances, often organized by geographic location. This can be a great way to find out about opera performances that you might not otherwise be aware of.

finally, another option is to simply attend an opera performance when it’s convenient for you. Many operas are performed on a regular basis in major cities around the world, so it’s often possible to find an operatic performance that fits into your schedule. No matter how you choose to find opera music near you, attendance at an opera performance is sure to be a memorable experience.

What is Opera?

Opera is a form of theatre in which music has a leading role and the parts are taken by singers. Opera is part of the Western classical music tradition. It started in Italy at the end of the 16th century and soon spread through Europe: London, Paris, Vienna, Prague, Munich. By the 18th century it was being performed in countries as far away as Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Naples and Madrid. It reached North America in the 19th century.

Where to find Opera

Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few places to find Opera these days. With the internet, you can find almost anything you want, and that includes finding Opera music. You can find a number of websites that offer a variety of Opera music, and you can even find some that offer streaming opera music.


There are several ways that you can find opera online. One way is to visit the websites of your local opera companies. Many of these companies have schedules and information about their upcoming productions available on their websites. You can also find audio and video recordings of opera performances online. The Metropolitan Opera in New York, for example, has a website where you can watch or listen to past performances. Finally, there are also a number of websites devoted specifically to opera where you can find news, reviews, and other information about the genre.

Local Events and Venues

If you love opera music, you’re in luck! Check out these local events and venues where you can enjoy this beautiful art form.

Metropolitan Opera
The Metropolitan Opera is one of the most renowned opera houses in the world, and it’s right here in New York City! Catch a performance at this world-famous venue, and enjoy some of the best opera music in the world.

Operas in NYC Parks
Enjoy free opera performances all summer long in New York City parks! These performances are perfect for a picnic dinner or a leisurely stroll through the park. Check the schedule to see when an opera performance will be happening near you.

Brooklyn Academy of Music
The Brooklyn Academy of Music is a great place to catch an opera performance year-round. This historic venue has been hosting operas since 1859, so you’re sure to enjoy a truly authentic experience here.

How to get involved in Opera

If you love music, and more specifically opera, you might want to think about getting involved in this wonderful world. There are many ways to get involved in opera, from singing to acting, from set and costume design to direction. But how do you get started?

As a spectator

Opera is a form of theatre in which music has aleading role and the parts are taken by singers, but is distinct from musical theatre. Opera is part of the Western classical music tradition. It arose in the Italian city-states of the early 17th century and soon spread through the rest of Europe: in England, it was popularised by George Frideric Handel;[1] in Russia, by Mikhail Glinka; and in Germany, by Wagner.

The word opera (Italian: opera [ˈɔːpera]; English plural: operas; from Latin: opus, plural opera) is a latinate form of the Italian plural opere (works), cognate with the singular opus. As a noun, opera (Latin: opus pl. opera; Italian: opera pl. opere) simply denotes “work” or “product”, either an artistic work, or (more colloquially), “thing”. By extension opera can refer to any long composition set to music and sung by trained voices, even outside of its theatrical context, e.g. an oratorio.[2][3]

As a performer

Opera is a collaborative art form, and most operas are written to be performed by a large number of people. If you’re interested in performing in opera, there are a few things you can do to get started.

First, take some singing lessons. Opera singers need to have very strong vocal technique, so it’s important to start learning proper singing technique from a qualified voice teacher.

Second, get involved with your local opera company. Most companies have programs for young singers, and many companies also hold open auditions for various roles throughout the year. This is a great way to get experience performing in opera and also to meet other people who are interested in opera.

Third, consider studying opera at a conservatory or university. This is not essential, but it can be helpful to have some formal training. There are many excellent programs available, and studying opera can help you develop your skills as a singer and as an actor.

Finally, don’t forget that operas are usually performed in foreign languages. If you want to be an opera singer, it’s important to learn at least one foreign language well enough to sing comfortably in it. French and Italian are the two most common languages used in opera, but there are many other possibilities as well.


If you’re looking for an opera performance near you, a good place to start is your local newspaper or online event calendar. You can also check with your local community center, college or university, as they may have performances or events related to opera happening on their campus. Finally, don’t forget to search online for “opera events near me” — you may be surprised at what you find!

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