Peaceful Instrumental Music to Download for Free

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Listen and download free, high quality MP3 files of relaxing, piano and guitar instrumental music. Perfect for studying, working, or relaxing.


Instrumental music has the ability to soothe the soul and relax the mind. It can be the perfect accompaniment to a stressful day or a busy lifestyle. If you’re looking for some peaceful instrumental music to download for free, you’ve come to the right place.

There are many different genres of instrumental music, from classical to jazz to rock. Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find something you like in our selection of free downloads. Whether you’re looking for background music for a project or just want to relax and unwind, we hope you find the perfect track here.

The Different Types of Peaceful Instrumental Music

If you’re looking for some peaceful instrumental music to download for free, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be discussing the different types of peaceful instrumental music that you can download. We’ll also be providing links to where you can download the music for free.

Classical Music

Classical music is art music produced or rooted in the traditions of Western culture, including both liturgical (religious) and secular music. While a more precise term is also used to refer to the period from 1750 to 1820 (the Classical period), this article is about the broad span of time from before the 6th century AD to the present day, which includes the Classical period and various other periods. The central norms of this tradition became codified between 1550 and 1900, which is known as the common-practice period.

Jazz Music

Jazz music is a type of music that originated in African-American communities in the United States. It is characterized by a strong rhythm section, improvised solos, and a variety of musical styles. Jazz has been popular for many years and has been influential on other genres of music.

There are many different types of jazz, but some of the most popular include:

-Blues: This type of jazz is characterized by slow, soulful melodies and a strong emphasis on the blues scale.
-Dixieland: Also known as New Orleans jazz, this style is characterized by its fast tempo and lively melodies.
-Swing: This type of jazz became popular in the 1930s and 1940s. It is characterized by its swinging rhythms and big band sound.
-Bebop: This type of jazz emerged in the 1940s and is characterized by its complex harmonies and fast tempo.

Relaxing Piano Music

Piano music has the ability to transport us to another world, where we can relax and forget our troubles. Piano music is often used in films and television shows to create an atmosphere of calm and reflection, and it can be just as effective in real life. Relaxing piano music is some of the most popular on streaming services like Spotify, and it’s easy to see why.

There are many different styles of relaxing piano music, from solo piano pieces to complex arrangements with other instruments. The best way to find what works for you is to explore different artists and styles until you find something that resonates. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite relaxing piano music to get you started.

Solo Piano Music
One of the most effective forms of relaxing piano music is solo piano pieces. This type of music is usually calm and serene, without any distractions from other instruments or voices. Solo piano music can be meditative and reflective, or it can be light and cheerful. It all depends on the piece you choose.

Some of our favorite solo piano pieces include “Aloha Ia O Waiana” by Hilo Hattie, “Be Still My Soul” by David Nevue, “Blues After Hours” by Pee Wee Crayton, and “Concerto for Violin, String & Harpsichord in C R. 190 I. Allegro” by Antonio Vivaldi.

Arrangements with Other Instruments
If you prefer a little more variety in your relaxing piano music, there are many pieces that feature other instruments along with the piano. These arrangements can be more complex and upbeat than solo pieces, or they can be just as calm and serene. It all depends on the piece you choose.

Some of our favorite arrangements with other instruments include “Beautiful Dreamer” by Stephen Foster, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” by Robert Robinson, “I Will Trust in You” by Jeremy Riddle, and “Jesus Loves Me” by Anna Borton Warner.

Where to Download Peaceful Instrumental Music for Free

Music has the ability to soothe the soul and calm the mind. If you’re looking for music that will help you relax, look no further than these websites that offer free, peaceful instrumental music downloads.


YouTube has many channels that offer free, streaming, instrumental music. You can find channels specializing in different genres and moods, so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. If you’re looking for some calm and relaxing music to help you wind down or focus, we recommend checking out the following channels:

-Calm Music
-Relaxing Music
-Concentration Music
-Study Music


You can find a wide variety of instrumental music on SoundCloud, from classical to jazz toambient. And the best part is that it’s all free to download. Just create a free account on SoundCloud and start exploring. You can even create your own playlists to share with others.

Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive is an online database of free and legal music downloads. The music is curated by a team of music producers and is available in a variety of genres, including classical, jazz, rock, pop, and hip-hop. You can browse the releases by genre, artist, or album, or use the search function to find specific tracks. The site also features a blog with interviews and reviews of new releases.


If you’re looking for some peaceful and relaxing instrumental music to download for free, we’ve got you covered. There are a number of great sites out there that offer high-quality, relaxing music that you can download and listen to at your leisure. Whether you need some background music for a project or just want to relax and unwind, there’s sure to be something out there that suits your needs. So, take a look at some of our top picks for peaceful instrumental music to download for free and see what strikes your fancy.

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