Pittsburgh’s Best Electronic Dance Music Venues

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If you’re looking for a great place to enjoy some electronic dance music in Pittsburgh, check out these top venues!

The Top Ten

#1 The Amphitheatre at Station Square – Right on the water in Pittsburgh’s South Side, the Amphitheatre at Station Square is one of the best places to see electronic dance music acts in the city. The venue has a great sound system and a spacious dance floor, making it perfect for getting your groove on.

#2 Club Zoo – Club Zoo is another excellent option for dancing the night away in Pittsburgh. This popular club is located in the Strip District and features a state-of-the-art sound system and light show. If you’re looking for a place to really let loose, Club Zoo is definitely worth checking out.

#3 Belvedere’s Ultra-Dive – If you’re looking for a more intimate setting, Belvedere’s Ultra-Dive might be more your speed. This small club, located in Lawrenceville, often features local and up-and-coming DJs spinning a variety of genres. Whether you’re into techno, house, or drum & bass, you’re sure to find something to your taste at Belvedere’s.

#4 Spirit – Located in the South Side Flats, Spirit is one of Pittsburgh’s most unique nightlife venues. This converted church features soaring ceilings, stained glass windows, and a massive dance floor that is perfect for getting your groove on. With an excellent sound system and talented DJs spinning a variety of genres, Spirit is not to be missed.

#5 Howlers Coyote Cafe – Howlers Coyote Cafe is another excellent option for those looking for a more intimate setting. This small bar/venue features live music every night of the week, with a focus on up-and-coming local talent. If you’re looking to catch some great live music and drink some cheap beers, Howlers is the place for you.

#6 Theatro Event Hall & Lounge – Theatro Event Hall & Lounge is one of Pittsburgh’s newest nightlife venues. Located in Downtown Pittsburgh, Theatro offers patrons a unique ‘theater style’ experience with VIP booths, bottle service, and red carpet treatment. Whether you’re looking to dance or just relax and people watch, Theatro is definitely worth checking out.

#7 TRP Nightclub – TRP Nightclub is one of the hottest clubs in Pittsburgh right now. This trendy lounge/club features two floors of dancing, VIP booths, bottle service, and an incredible sound system. If you’re looking to party like a celebrity (or at least pretend to), TRP Nightclub should definitely be on your list.

Honorable Mentions

Pittsburgh is home to a surprisingly vibrant and active electronic dance music scene, with a number of great venues that regularly host world-renowned DJs and producers. While the city’s clubs and bars may not be as well-known as those in other EDM hot spots like Los Angeles or Miami, they definitely hold their own when it comes to quality and variety.

Here are a few of Pittsburgh’s best electronic dance music venues that didn’t quite make our top five list, but are definitely worth checking out:

-The Thunderdome: This popular all-ages venue is known for its intense sound system and light show, making it a favorite among ravers and clubgoers alike.
-Fireball: Fireball is one of the newer kids on the block, but has quickly made a name for itself as one of the best places to catch up-and-coming DJs and producers.
-Primary: Primary is another all-ages venue that has become a popular spot for EDM fans in recent years. It’s known for its friendly atmosphere and great selection of music.

Closing Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best electronic dance music venues in Pittsburgh! Whether you’re a local looking for a new place to check out or a tourist visiting the city, be sure to stop by one of these spots and enjoy some great music.

Do you have a favorite EDM venue in Pittsburgh that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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