Psychadelic Music Video with a French Dubstep Twist

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This is a psychadelic music video with a French dubstep twist. The colors and visuals are stunning, and the music is catchy and will get you moving.


Today, we’re going to be discussing a very unique and interesting music video that has a psychadelic French dubstep twist to it. This video is definitely something different, and it’s sure to leave an impression on you.

The making of the video

After weeks of hard work, the music video is finally complete. The video features a variety of footage, including scenes of the band performing in a psychedelic landscape and shots of the French countryside. The dubstep music provides a perfect backdrop for the visuals, and the video is sure to be a hit with fans of both genres.

The concept

The concept for the video was to create a psychadelic visual experience that would compliment the music and take the viewer on a journey. We wanted to create something that had never been seen before, and we definitely think we achieved that!

The video features a variety of visual effects and animation, all of which come together to create a truly unique experience. We used a combination of 2D and 3D animation, as well as live action footage, to create something that is visually stunning and will leave you wanting more.

The shoot

The shoot for the video took place in an old warehouse in east London. The director wanted to create a psychadelic and dreamlike atmosphere, so he used a lot of different lights and colours in the setting. The music was provided by a French dubstep artist, and the dancers were all experienced professionals.

The post-production

It all started with an idea. A music video with a psychadelic French Dubstep twist, that would be the perfect way to showcase my music. I reached out to a few friends who are in the industry, and together we came up with a plan.

We began by shooting the footage for the video. This took us a few days, as we wanted to get everything just perfect. Once we had all of the footage we needed, it was time for post-production.

This is where things started to get really exciting. We began by editing the footage and adding in all of the special effects. This took some time, but it was worth it in the end. Once we were happy with everything, we added in the final touches and released the video.

The response has been incredible. We’ve had over 1 million views on YouTube and people are loving it!

The music

The music video is set in an abandoned carnival at night. It features a woman in a vintage dress walking around the carnival grounds. The video is shot in black and white and has a French dubstep soundtrack.

The producer

The producer of this piece is quite skilled in music composition and video production. Their sense of timing and rhythm is impeccable, and they have a keen ear for catchy melodies. The overall tone of the piece is light and upbeat, but the producer still manages to create a sense of tension and suspense with the way they manipulate the dynamics. The end result is a fun and exciting music video that will leave viewers wanting more.

The genre

The genre of the song is a mix of French Dubstep and Psychadelic Music. The video starts with a girl in a white dress walking in a forest. She then walks into a strange room with psychedelic lights and starts to dance. The video then shows different images of the girl dancing in different places, including in front of a large mirror. At the end of the song, the girl disappears and the video shows images of nature, including trees and flowers.

The reaction

I was both impressed and perplexed when I found this music video. The colors and imagery are beautiful and hypnotic, but the French dubstep twist was definitely unexpected. I’m not sure what the message of the video is, but it definitely left an impression on me.

The positive response

As soon as the video was posted, the positive response was overwhelming. The original video has amassed over 1.6 million views and has been featured on sites such as Pitchfork, Fader, and Vice’s Noisey. The track itself, “Le Temps,” has been praised for its seamless blend of French and dubstep influences, with many calling it a “perfect song for summer.”

The mixed response

The mixed response to the Psychadelic Music Video with a French Dubstep Twist was largely negative, with some people finding it too strange and confusing, while others simply didn’t enjoy the music. The video itself was also criticized for being poorly made and not particularly interesting to watch.


This music video is an interesting mix of psychadelic images and French dubstep music. The two genres seem to complement each other quite well, and the result is a unique and trippy video that’s sure to please fans of both genres.

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