The 5 Best Psychedelic Rock Bands of the Modern Era

Listening to psychedelic rock can be a mind-altering experience. The best psychedelic rock bands of the modern era take listeners on a journey that can be both trippy and thought-provoking.

The 5 Best Psychedelic Rock Bands of the Modern Era

Psychedelic rock is a genre of rock music that is inspired or influenced bypsychedelic culture and attempts to replicate and enhance the mind-altering experiences of psychedelic drugs.It often uses new recording techniques and effectsand incorporates elements of other genres such as pop,funk, and world music.Psychedelic rock bands and artists attempt to evoke and enhance the experience of psychedelic drugs,including LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline, and DMT.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

The Brian Jonestown Massacre is an American psychedelic rock band formed in San Francisco in 1990. The group was led by Anton Newcombe, and they were one of the most prominent bands associated with the neo-psychedelia genre. The band released their debut album, Spacegirl and Other Favorites, in 1995, and they have since released sixteen additional studio albums. The Brian Jonestown Massacre is considered to be one of the most influential psychedelic rock bands of the modern era.

The Black Angels

The Black Angels are an American psychedelic rock band from Austin, Texas. Formed in 2004, the band has released six studio albums and one live album. They have been described as having a “1960s psychedelic revival” sound and are often associated with the neo-psychedelia and garage rock genres.

The Black Angels’ music has been classified as dark psychedelia or “stoner rock”, with lyrics that deal with topics such as anxiety, drugs, war, and death. The band is known for their punishing live shows, which often feature long drone-like jams. They have toured extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and North and South America.

The Black Angels were formed in May 2004 by Alex Maas (vocals, bass), Christian Bland (guitar), and Kyle Hunt (keyboards). The three had all played together in a band called Cobra Verde prior to forming The Black Angels. Named after the 1966 film of the same name, The Black Angels made their live debut that same year at Austin’s popular Café Mundi.

Tame Impala

Psychedelic rock, known for its mind-expanding sound and visuals, emerged in the 1960s and reached its height of popularity in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. The style blended elements of traditional rock with those of Indian classical music, Eastern music, and Western psychedelia. While the genre has remained popular among underground and independent artists, it has had something of a resurgence in recent years, thanks in part to the success of bands like Tame Impala.

Formed in 2007 by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Parker, Tame Impala is often credited as being at the forefront of the modern psychedelic rock movement. The band’s sound is heavily influenced by ‘60s and ‘70s psych rock acts like Pink Floyd and The Beatles, as well as more contemporary artists like Animal Collective and My Bloody Valentine. To date, Tame Impala has released three studio albums, 2010’s Innerspeaker, 2012’s Lonerism, and 2015’s Currents, all to critical acclaim. The band is currently working on their fourth album, which is expected to be released sometime in 2020.

The Growlers

The Growlers are a psychedelic rock band that formed in Dana Point, California in 2006. The band currently consists of vocalist and guitarist Brooks Nielsen, keyboardist and guitarist Matt Taylor, bassist Scott Montgomerie, and drummer Nick Murray.

The Growlers’ sound has been described as a mix of “garage rock, surf rock, and psychedelic rock”. The band is known for their DIY work ethic and their self-released albums. Their first album, Are You In or Out?, was released in 2009. The Growlers have released a total of six studio albums, with their most recent being 2019’s Natural Affair.

The Growlers are recognized as one of the modern era’s best psychedelic rock bands and are loved by fans for their unique sound and DIY approach to music.

Thee Oh Sees

Thee Oh Sees are a San Francisco garage rock band, led by singer-songwriter and guitarist John Dwyer. The band was formed in 1997 and has released 17 albums, four of which were released in 2012. Thee Oh Sees’ music is characterized by its high energy, repetitive rhythms and catchy melodies. The band’s live shows are particularly renowned for their chaotic, improvisational nature.

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