How to Create a Costume for the Rock of Ages Musical

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A step by step guide on how to create a costume for the Rock of Ages musical on a budget.


Welcome to my tutorial on how to create a costume for the Rock of Ages musical. This musical is set in the 1980s, so your costume should be inspired by that decade. There are many different ways you can create an authentic 1980s look, so I will show you a few different options.

To get started, you will need some basic supplies. First, you will need a pair of jeans. Acid wash denim was popular in the 1980s, so try to find a pair of jeans with that type of finish. If you can’t find acid wash denim, any type of blue jeans will work. You will also need a shirt. Again, there are many options here. You could wear a plain t-shirt, or you could go for something more flashy like a sequined tank top or a neon button-down shirt.

Next, you will need to accessorize your costume. One option is to add some jelly bracelets or neon earrings. Another option is to wear a headband or sweatband. If you want to really go all out, you could even add some temporary tattoos!

Finally, don’t forget to style your hair in an 80s-inspired hairdo. Big hair was all the rage in the 80s, so try adding some volume with a teasing comb or hairspray. You could also wear your hair in a side ponytail or frizzy curls.

That’s it! With these simple tips, you’ll be sure to create an impressive and authentic costume for the Rock of Ages musical.

What You’ll Need

In order to create a costume for the Rock of Ages musical, you will need a few things. First, you will need a denim or leather jacket. You will also need a T-shirt with the logo of a rock band on it. Finally, you will need jeans that are ripped or distressed.

The Shirt

The shirt is one of the most important parts of the costume for the Rock of Ages musical. It should be a white or light colored button down shirt that is tight fitting. If you cannot find a shirt that is tight fitting, you can always size down or buy a men’s shirt and have it altered to fit snugly. The sleeves should be rolled up to the elbow and the top two buttons should be undone.

The Vest

The vest is an important part of any 1980s costume, and it’s easy to make your own. You’ll need a black or white t-shirt, a pair of scissors, and some duct tape. First, cut the sleeves off of the t-shirt. Then, cut a horizontal line across the chest, about four inches below the neckline. Next, cut two vertical lines down the front of the shirt, starting at the bottom of the horizontal line and stopping at the waistline. Finally, use duct tape to secure the two sides of the shirt together. You can also add some flair to your vest by decorating it with buttons or sequins.

The Jeans

One of the most important aspects of any 80s look is, of course, the jeans. You want a pair that is tight in the legs, but not so tight that it looks like you’re going for the current skinny jean trend. The waist should be high, and if you can find a pair with extra-large pockets, that’s ideal. As for the wash, go for something dark, or even black. And don’t forget the all-important ripped knees!

The Shoes

The first and most important step in your rock-and-roll journey is to choose the perfect shoes. You want a pair that’s comfortable, stylish, and will make you feel like a rock star.

There are a few different routes you can go when it comes to shoes. You can buy a pair of plain white sneakers and jazz them up with some stickers or glitter. Or, you can go for a more signature look with a pair of platform shoes or high-tops.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing your shoes:

– Comfort is key. You’re going to be doing a lot of dancing in these shoes, so make sure they’re comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time.
– Choose a style that matches your outfit. Platform shoes go great with skinny jeans, while high-tops look good with shorts or skirts.
– Have fun with it! This is your chance to show off your personality through your shoes. Go for something that makes you feel good and expresses who you are.

The Hair

The Hair
Your hair should be big, 80’s style big. Think back to the hair of the rockers of that time such as Joan Jett, Bonnie Tyler, and Pat Benatar. If you have long hair, use a lot of hairspray and teasing to get it to stand up and out. For those with shorter hair, you might want to consider getting a wig. Big, full, curly wigs can be found at many Halloween or costume shops.

Once you have your big 80’s hair achieved, you will want to add color if your natural color is not already bright or edgy enough. For women, this could mean adding some streaks of color with temporary hair color spray or colored mousse. Men might want to consider adding a touch of color with gel or even spray-in color. Just make sure that whatever product you use does not weigh your hair down too much or it will lose its volume.

The Accessories

Rock of Ages is a musical set in the 1980s, so naturally, the costumes reflect the fashion of the time. While the clothing is important, the accessories are what really bring the look together. Here are some tips on how to accessorize your Rock of Ages costume.

For men, a good pair of aviator sunglasses is a must. A leather jacket and tight jeans complete the look. For women, tight Levis or short skirts are key. Off-the-shoulder tops and big hair are also essential.

Both men and women should accessorize with plenty of jewelry. Big, bold earrings, multiple bracelets, and necklaces are all perfect for this look. belts with big buckleS are also a good idea.

Finally, don’t forget about shoes! High heels or sneakers work well for women, while men should go for boots or loafers.

The Makeup

The 1980s was a time of big hair and bright makeup, and the Rock of Ages musical is a perfect reflection of that. The makeup for the show is actually quite simple, and with a few key products, you can create a look that is both authentic and fun.

To start, you will need a good foundation that will give you a smooth base to work with. A concealer will also be helpful in hiding any blemishes or imperfections. Once you have your base in place, you can start to add color. A pink or coral blush is perfect for creating a fresh-faced look, and don’t forget to add some highlighter to your cheekbones for a bit of extra shimmer.

For your eyes, go for bold colors like purple or electric blue. Apply a generous amount of mascara to really make your eyes pop. And don’t forget the liner! A thick winged liner will really help to create that 80s look. Finally, add a bright lipstick in a color like hot pink or red.

With these few simple steps, you’ll be ready to rock the stage in your Rock of Ages costume!

Putting It All Together

Now that you have all the pieces of your costume, it’s time to put them all together! Follow these steps and you’ll be ready to hit the stage in no time.

1. Start with the basics. Choose a pair of comfortable black pants and a black shirt. If you don’t already have these items in your closet, you can find them at any clothing store.

2. Next, add some layers. A black leather jacket or denim vest will give you that classic “rocker” look. Don’t forget to add a belt, and make sure your pants are tight enough to tuck into your boots!

3. Now it’s time for accessories. Pick out a few statement pieces that will help you stand out on stage. A studded bracelet or necklace, some colorful] socks, or even a bandana tied around your head can make all the difference.

4. Last but not least, don’t forget your makeup! Heavy eyeliner and dark lipstick are essential for any rocker chick costume. And don’t forget to teased your hair into big, big waves!

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