Romantic Opera by Kasun Kalhara is a Must-Listen

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Looking for a new romantic opera to listen to? Then you need to check out Kasun Kalhara’s latest album. It’s a must-listen for any fans of the genre!


Formally trained in Western Classical music and a self-taught musician of South Indian Carnatic music, Kasun Kalhara is one of the most versatile singer-songwriters to come out of Sri Lanka in recent years. With his debut album, Romantic Opera, Kalhara has crafted a beautiful body of work that traverses genre and style, anchored by his gorgeous voice.

Ahead of the album’s release, we sat down with Kalhara to talk about his musical journey, the making of Romantic Opera, and what’s next for him. Check out the interview below!

What is Romantic Opera?

Romantic opera is a genre of opera that emphasizes emotion and passion over formal structure. Although it can be found in operas from many different time periods, it is most associated with the 19th century.

The most important element of Romantic opera is the music, which aims to evoke strong emotions in the listener. This is achieved through the use of melody, harmony, and orchestration. The stories told in Romantic operas are often melodramatic, and they often deal with themes of love, loss, and betrayal.

One of the best-known Romantic operas is Giuseppe Verdi’s La traviata, which tells the story of a courtesan who falls in love with a young man from a noble family. Other popular Romantic operas include Vincenzo Bellini’s Norma and Gioachino Rossini’s Cinderella (La Cenerentola).

If you’re looking for an emotionally charged musical experience, then be sure to check out some Romantic opera!

Kasun Kalhara’s Romantic Opera

Kasun Kalhara’s Romantic Opera is a musical journey that is a must-listen for all music lovers. The album takes the listener on an exploration of love, heartbreak, and hope, all set to an ethereal and enthralling score.

Kalhara’s operatic voice soars over the beautiful instrumentation, creating an experience that is both moving and sublime. The lyrics are Poetic and thoughtful, delving into the complexities of the human experience with sensitivity and insight.

Romantic Opera is an album that is sure to touch your heart and soul. Kasun Kalhara is a truly gifted artist, and this album is a testament to his immense talent. If you are looking for an emotionally charged and deeply moving musical experience, Romantic Opera by Kasun Kalhara is a must-listen.

Why You Should Listen to Romantic Opera

Romantic Opera by Kasun Kalhara is a must-listen for any fan of the genre. The album is a beautifully crafted work, filled with heart-wrenching melodies and spine-tingling lyrics. Each song is exquisitely performed, and the overall production is simply superb. If you’re looking for an emotionally charged musical experience, look no further than Romantic Opera by Kasun Kalhara.


thus giving the music an added feeling of warmth and intimacy. Kasun Kalhara has managed to fuse the best of both worlds in this album and the result is nothing short of magical. If you are a fan of either classical or romantic music, or if you simply appreciate good music, then I highly recommend that you give Romantic Opera by Kasun Kalhara a listen.

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