Swedish Folk Music: The Best Instrumental Songs

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Swedish Folk Music is a type of music that is typically played on acoustic instruments. It is a very popular genre in Sweden and has been gaining popularity in other countries as well. This blog post will showcase some of the best instrumental Swedish Folk songs.

Introduction to Swedish Folk Music

Swedish folk music is the music of the Swedish people. It has origins in the Middle Ages and developed rapidly under the influence of German, French and Italian music in the 16th and 17th centuries. Despite this, it has maintained its own character with a distinctive sound and style. In recent years, Swedish folk music has been revived and is now an important part of the country’s musical heritage.

Swedish folk music is typically divided into two categories: ballad music and dance music. Ballad music is usually slower and more lyrical, while dance music is more upbeat and often accompanied by instruments such as the fiddle, accordion, or bagpipes. Traditional Swedish instruments include the nyckelharpa (a keyed fiddle), hurdy-gurdy, psaltery, taragot (a brass instrument), willow pipe (a type of flute), Jew’s harp, and lute.

One of the most famous Swedish folk songs is “Små grodorna”, which was originally a children’s song but has since been performed by many artists including ABBA. Other popular Sweden folk songs include “Vem kan segla förutan vind”, “Göklockan” and “En gång i Stockholm”.

The Best Instrumental Songs

Swedish Folk Music has always been a great way to enjoy the outdoors and the company of friends. The best instrumental songs are those that can be enjoyed by all and evoke a feeling of happiness.

“Vals efter Järvsöforsen”

“Vals efter Järvsöforsen” is a beautiful and melancholy waltz from the Järvsö region of Sweden. It is one of the most popular Swedish folk songs, and has been recorded by many artists. This version is by the group Väsen, one of the most popular and innovative Swedish folk bands.


“Näcken” is a Swedish folk song about a water sprite who plays his fiddle to lure people into the water. The song is thought to date back to the 18th century, and has been recorded by many artists over the years.


This is a Swedish folk song that is often played on the fiddle. It is a light and cheerful song that is sure to put a smile on your face.

The Origins of Swedish Folk Music

Swedish folk music is the traditional music of the Swedish people. It has roots in the music of Scandinavia and developed through cultural exchange with Central European countries during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Swedish folk music is typically invariant, or slow to change, and is mainly characterised by a wide variety of fiddle traditions. There are also traditions of choral singing in Sweden- particularly in the Norrland region. TheDefault tune for much Swedish traditional dance music, particularly for polska, is 4/4 (common time), with each measure containing two beats whereby an emphasis falls on beats two and four within each measure.

The Influence of Swedish Folk Music Today

Sweden has a long tradition of folk music, which has been preserved and continues to be played today. Although it has been influenced by other genres of music, Swedish folk music retains its own characteristic sound and style. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in traditional Swedish folk music, both in Sweden and abroad.

Many modern musicians have been influenced by Swedish folk music, including Jethro Tull, Pentangle, and Bob Dylan. Swedish folk music has also had an impact on popular culture, appearing in films such as The Hobbit and television shows such as The Vikings.

The influence of Swedish folk music can be heard in many different genres of music today. If you’re a fan of any of these genres, then you’re sure to enjoy the sounds of Swedish folk music!


In conclusion, Swedish folk music is some of the most beautiful and varied in the world. From joyful fiddle tunes to haunting ballads, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The best way to experience this music is to listen to it in its natural setting – out in the fields and forests of Sweden.

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