The Best Techno Music of 2014 (Free Download)

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A list of the best techno released in 2014. All tracks are available for free download.


Techno music is a type of electronic dance music that originated in Detroit, Michigan in the United States in the 1980s. The first techno tracks were produced by artists such as Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson, who were influenced by disco, post-punk, and electro music. Techno is characterized by a repeating 4/4 beat, synthesizer melodies, and effects-driven percussion. Later styles of techno developed in Europe and Japan, and the music has since become popular around the world.

There are many different subgenres of techno, including acid techno, Detroit techno, hard techno, minimal techno, and tech house. 2014 was a great year for techno music, with many talented artists releasing new tracks and albums. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best techno music of 2014.

What is Techno Music?

Techno is a form of electronic dance music that emerged in the mid-to-late 1980s. Techno is generally characterized by a repeating four-on-the-floor beat, a hypnotic bassline, and synthesizer riffs. The genre was developed byAfrican American entrepreneurs in Detroit, Michigan, and its sound was further influenced by the city’s European immigrant community.

The Best Techno Music of 2014

Are you looking for the best techno music of 2014? Look no further than this list of free downloads. From unrelenting bangers to deep and dubby tracks, these are the best techno tunes of the year.

1. “Plunge” by Speedy J
2. “Collapse” by Popof
3. “No Way Back” by Adam Beyer
4. “Spastik” by Plastikman
5. “The bell Clap” by Raveyard
6. “Don’t Look Back” by Chris Liebing
7. “Your Body Is My Temple” by Sasha Carassi
8. “Sublime” by Paul Ritch
9. “BTTF” by timeMACHINE
10. “Do The AcidFlashback!” By Cari Lekebusch

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We have come to the end of our journey through the best techno music of 2014. This was a great year for the genre, with many great artists releasing fantastic tracks. We hope you have enjoyed this guide and found some new music to enjoy. Thanks for reading!

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