The Best Techno Music of 2009

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2009 was a great year for techno music. Here are some of the best tracks of the year.

Best Techno Tracks of 2009

A list of the best techno tracks of 2009, including classics like ‘I Remember’ by Deadmau5 and ‘One More Time’ by Daft Punk.

‘Inner City Life’ by Fatboy Slim

‘Inner City Life’ by Fatboy Slim is widely considered one of the best techno tracks of 2009. The song was produced by Fatboy Slim and released on his album ‘Palookaville’. It features a sample of the soul song ‘Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)’ by Marvin Gaye.

‘Breathe’ by The Prodigy

‘Breathe’ is a song by the English electronic music group The Prodigy. It was released as their fourth single from their second album Music for the Jilted Generation. The song became their second consecutive number-one single on the UK Singles Chart, and also peaked at number two in Ireland and number five in Australia.

The song was written by Liam Howlett and Maxim, and was produced by Howlett. According to group member Keith Flint, the genesis of ‘Breathe’ came about from experimenting with sampled breakbeats while Howlett played around with various samples on his computer; “We had loads of sounds, but no tunes,” said Flint. “And then suddenly this riff came out of the machine.”

The song’s distinctive riff is played on a Roland TB-303 bassline synthesizer, with distorted guitars and trance-like pad soundscapes in the background. The main sample in the song is that of American R&B singer Roni Size yelling “Breathe!”, taken from his 1997 track ‘Share the Fall’.

‘9pm (Till I Come)’ by ATB

9pm (Till I Come), released in 1998, is a song by German DJ ATB, taken from his debut album Movin’ Melodies. The song was a commercial success worldwide, peaking atop the charts in Belgium and the United Kingdom, and reached the top 10 in several other countries, including Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands and New Zealand. In the United States, it peaked at number 11 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs chart. The song samples Caroline Lavelle’s “Soulution”.

Best Techno Albums of 2009

2009 was an amazing year for techno music. Many great albums were released and it was hard to narrow it down to just a few. In this article, we will be discussing the best techno albums of 2009.

‘Untrue’ by Burial

‘Untrue’ by Burial is widely considered to be one of the best techno albums of 2009. The album is characterized by its dark, atmospheric sound and its use of found sounds and samples.

‘Mezzanine’ by Massive Attack

Mezzanine is the third studio album by English electronic music group Massive Attack, released on 20 April 1998 by Virgin Records. Mezzanine peaked at number two on both the UK Albums Chart and the US Billboard Top 200, and sold over three million copies in Europe. It was certified double platinum in the UK, and certified platinum in the US. In 2012, it was voted by audiences into BBC Radio 6 Music’s Festive Fifteen poll of favourite albums.

‘Music for the Jilted Generation’ by The Prodigy

The Prodigy’s Music for the Jilted Generation is one of the best techno albums of 2009. The album was released in 1994 and was a response to the rave culture of the time. The album is a mix of techno, breakbeat, and industrial music. It is considered one of the most influential albums in the genre.

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