Techno Music Video with Girl in Purple Leggings Playing Drums

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This is a techno music video with a girl in purple leggings playing drums.


This techno music video features a girl in purple leggings playing the drums. The video is set in a dark room with blue and purple lights flashing. The girl is wearing headphones and is dancing along to the music as she plays the drums.

The girl in purple leggings

The girl in purple leggings is a mysterious figure who appears in a variety of techno music videos. She is often seen playing drums, and her identity is unknown. She has become something of an internet meme, and her appearances in videos have been widely discussed by fans of the genre.

The music

The music in the video is a mix of techno and electronic music. It is fast-paced and has a heavy bassline. The drums are played by a girl in purple leggings, who is also the singer. She is accompanied by two other musicians, one on keyboard and one on guitar.

The video

The video features a girl in purple leggings playing drums in front of a techno music beat.


I found the video to be well filmed and the music was decent. The girl in the purple leggings was attractive and drumming along to the beat. I enjoyed watching the video and would recommend it to others.

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