Techno Music Video with Girl Playing Drums

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Check out the latest techno music video with a girl playing the drums. This girl is amazing and the music is awesome.


A techno music video with a girl playing drums prominently features throughout. The clip begins with the girl sitting at a drum set in a dark room, backlit by colorful laser lights. As the music starts, she starts Playing drums along with the beat. The camera then pans out to reveal a large, empty warehouse space that is also filled with laser lights criss-crossing the room. The girl continues to play her drums as people start to enter the space and fill up the dance floor.

The video cuts between shots of the girl playing drums and closeups of people dancing in the warehouse. At one point, the girl gets up from her drum set and starts dancing herself. The video ends with her sitting back down at her drums and playing as the laser lights continue to flash around her.

The making of the video

This techno music video with a girl playing drums was shot in one day using two cameras. The girl is a professional drummer, so the video captures her real performance. The song was produced specifically for this video, and the final product gives the audience an immersive experience of the music.

The music

The music in the video is a mix of techno and Drum and Bass. The beat is fairly fast and the rhythm is fairly complex. The song is not particularly melodies, but rather focuses on the beat and the energy of the drums. The video features a woman playing drums along with the music, and her drumming is very impressive.

The girl playing drums

The girl playing drums in the techno music video is an online sensation. She has been praised for her drumming skills and the energy she brings to her performance.


The video ends with the girl playing the drums in a dark room with flashing lights. The camera zooms out to reveal that she is in a club, and the people around her are dancing. The video ends with the girl smiling and the words “Techno Music” appearing on the screen.

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