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The Black Science Orchestra is a British acid jazz and nu-jazz band, led by producer/composer Ashley Beedle.

Who is the Black Science Orchestra?

The Black Science Orchestra is an English band, formed in Sheffield in 1992. The band is a part of the acid jazz and nu-jazz genres.

The group have released eight studio albums and two live albums. They have also remixed tracks for various artists including George Clinton, Jamiroquai, and Pino Palladino.

What is their music like?

Black Science Orchestra is a English acid jazz and nu-jazz band formed in 1992 by Ashley Beedle and Darren Morris. The band’s sound is a combination of acid jazz, house, techno, and Soul. They have released four albums and one EP. Their first album, Where Life Begins, was released in 1994 and reached #1 on the UK Jazz & Blues Albums Chart.

Where can I find their music?

The Black Science Orchestra is an nu-jazz, broken beat and acid jazz band from the United Kingdom.

The band’s music is available on their website,, and on various digital platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify.

What is the story behind the Black Science Orchestra?

The Black Science Orchestra is a UK funk and soul band that was formed in 1993 by Ashley Beedle and Darren Morris. The band gained popularity in the mid-1990s with their singles “Where Were You” and “Space Odyssey”, and their album Afro Art (1996). They have been described as “one of the most consistently excellent nu-school soul revues around”.

The band’s sound is influenced by 1970s African-American music, including funk, disco, hip hop, and jazz. They have been compared to other nu-soul groups such as Jamiroquai and Incognito.

The Black Science Orchestra has released five studio albums: Afro Art (1996), chemisty (1998), Salvation (2001), Life Is Strange (2004), and Science Fiction (2012).

What are the members of the Black Science Orchestra doing now?

The Soul Power Music album was the Black Science Orchestra’s debut release, and since then, the group has gone on to release five additional studio albums. The most recent album, Now, was released in 2016. While the group no longer records new music, they continue to tour throughout the United Kingdom.

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