The Music of Russian Soul by Bel Cantanti Opera Company in May 2013

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Looking for something to do in May? Check out The Music of Russian Soul by Bel Cantanti Opera Company. This performance will give you a chance to experience Russian culture and soul through music.


This May, the Bel Cantanti Opera Company will be performing The Music of Russian Soul. The opera will be conducted by Founder and Artistic Director, Katerina Souvorova, with stage direction by Elena Borin. It will be performed in Russian with English supertitles.

About Bel Cantanti Opera Company

Bel Cantanti Opera Company is a professional, Washington DC-based opera company, founded in 2004. We are committed to producing accessible and affordable opera for everyone to enjoy. Our mission is to bring the beauty and power of live opera to as many people as possible through innovative productions, educational programs, and community engagement initiatives.

We produce two mainstage operas each season, as well as a variety of concerts and events throughout the year. Our programming focuses on lesser-known operas and works by American and contemporary composers, but we also occasionally produce more well-known works.

In May 2013, we will be presenting The Music of Russian Soul, a concert featuring selections from some of Russia’s most beloved operas. This will be a unique opportunity to experience the power and passion of Russian opera firsthand.

The Music of Russian Soul

The Music of Russian Soul, by Bel Cantanti Opera Company in May 2013, is a great opportunity to see an Opera Company in action. The goal of the show is to bring the music of Russian Soul to the forefront and to connect with the public. The company will be performing in various locations around the D.C. area.

What is Russian soul?

The term “Russian soul” refers to a unique combination of qualities that are often said to be characteristic of the people of Russia. These qualities include a deep understanding of suffering, a capacity for great love and compassion, a sense of humor, and a stoic acceptance of life’s hardships.

The Russian soul is often said to be expressed through the country’s music, which is known for its plaintive beauty and emotional expressiveness. Bel Cantanti Opera Company will be performing The Music of Russian Soul in May 2013, showcasing some of the best-loved pieces of Russian opera and classical music.

What are the characteristics of Russian soul music?

The music of Russian soul is marked by its rich and emotional expressiveness. This is due in part to the fact that the genre developed out of the folk traditions of Russia, which emphasize the use of the voice as an instrument of emotional expression. another key factor in the emotive quality of Russian soul music is the frequent use of augmented and extended harmonic progressions, which create a sense of yearning and longing. Additionally, Russian soul music often makes use of minor keys, which contribute to its melancholy and reflective tone.

The Opera Company’s Production

The Bel Cantanti Opera Company will be performing The Music of Russian Soul in May 2013. The company is composed of local singers who have a passion for Russian opera. This will be their sixth season.

What is the opera company’s production about?

The stoic Russian soul is on display in Bel Cantanti Opera Company’s upcoming production The Music of Russian Soul. This original production by Director Roger Pines andы Artistic Director Irina Lilova features arias, ensembles and scenes from some of the most famous Russian operas.

The story follows the misguided passion of Boris Godunov for power; the doomed romance between Onegin and Tatiana; the love triangle of Tsar Dodon, his wife and her lover; the betrayal of Prince Igor; an old woman’s curse that destroys an entire village; and finally, the heroic battle cry “Fortress Russia!”

As different as these characters and their stories may be, they all have one thing in common: each must grapple with his or her own Russian soul.

What are the highlights of the production?

Visually, the most eye-catching element of the production is the traditional Russian costume design by Yelena Zaytseva-Pereyaslavtseva. The company boasts a live orchestra with accompaniment that features Russian instruments such as the balalaika and gusli, which are sure to please fans of traditional music.

Vocally, soprano Dina Kuznetsova and tenor Yaroslav Stepanov lead a strong cast of singers that includes mezzo-soprano Elena Javerbaum, baritone Alexey Markov, and bass Vitaliy Bilyy. The opera will be sung in Russian with English supertitles projected above the stage.


In conclusion, The Music of Russian Soul was an enjoyable and educational performance by the Bel Cantanti Opera Company. Although there were a few hiccups during the show, overall the experience was positive and the music was beautiful. I would recommend this show to others interested in learning more about Russian opera and culture.

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